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#3417 GPX parsing error messages shown in the console aren't shown in the UI new gpx team enhancement normal
#5541 Audio and Gpx new gpx team enhancement normal
#5662 display timestamp of individual GPX trackpoints reopened GPX, timestamp team enhancement normal
#6864 Can't "download along" a pure waypoints gpx file / marker layer / geotagged images layer new waypoint gpx marker download geotagged enhancement normal
#8761 Customizable GPX point markers new gpx team enhancement normal
#9004 Plugin for averaging GPX tracks new gps gpx team enhancement normal
#11015 GPX Photo Correlation causes photos to disappear from view new gpx,correlation,photo,exif,track team defect normal
#11017 3GPP audio files open in browser on Linux new 3gpp audio file gpx browser team defect normal
#11454 Cannot upload gpx track with DirectUpload plugin (JOSM behind HTTP proxy with authentication) new directupload, gpx, proxy, authentication team defect normal
#12056 ContinuosDownload don't know the state of sources if changed (esp. GPS) new template_report gpx download team defect normal
#13484 Use fix value as a choice for track/point drawing new rtk;gpx;gnss;gps;track coloring team enhancement normal
#14069 More coloring options for GPX files new gpx color hdop team enhancement normal
#14139 Customize track drawing, gpx, where did I stop, speed color scheme. new gpx team enhancement normal
#15441 Display GPX route points (rte) as another layer new gpx route team enhancement normal
#15475 Should offer more options when clicking on GPX tracks' pictures new gpx picture photo jpg zoom team enhancement normal
#17032 improve display of unordered gps traces new gpx gps visualisation team enhancement normal
#17175 ConcurrentModificationException at GpxData$LinesIterator.getNext new template_report gpx team defect normal
#17785 Download only your own GPS tracks from the site when downloading data from the selected site. new gpx download team enhancement normal
#17836 Download along several gpx tracks at once new download_along gpx team enhancement normal
#2167 a detailed view for gpx trackpoints new gpx features detailed team enhancement minor
#4132 'Shift+g' to switch from all GPS traces to just mine new gpx, gps, UI, user interface, keyboard shortcut, layer, display team enhancement minor
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