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#9908 Filter notes reopened filter github ToeBee enhancement major
#14520 RejectedExecutionException: MapillarySquareDownloadManagerThread.downloadSequence new template_report github jpietri defect major
#6887 GitHub out of date reopened github mirror hack-weekend-2018-10 team defect normal
#10881 Cannot select and move nodes if "Mapnik (true)" map style is enabled new github team defect normal
#16558 Github plugins not available on any maven repository new github maven nexus gradle-josm-plugin team defect normal
#18737 ClassNotFoundException: java(x).sql.* when loading GeoTools/wikipedia plugins (WebStart) new template_report java11 github icedtea-web team defect normal
#18739 NPE at$MouseDraggedAdapter.mouseDragged new template_report github jBeata defect normal
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