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#8472 Wikimedia Commons geocoded media support new wiwosm wikimedia commons media pictures geocoding gsoc-candidate simon04 enhancement major
#20532 Remote loading of geojson files broken - bug in opendata plugin assigned remotecontrol, opendata, geojson Don-vip defect major
#2372 Add GeoTIFF support assigned geotiff java11 Don-vip enhancement normal
#6864 Can't "download along" a pure waypoints gpx file / marker layer / geotagged images layer new waypoint gpx marker download geotagged enhancement normal
#8821 Include ReplaceGeometry in core new core replace geometry team enhancement normal
#9929 Replace geometry does not use nodes with multiple parents reopened replace geometry node multiple parent team enhancement normal
#9942 Replace Geometry to work with any object new Replace Geometry team enhancement normal
#10992 Missing warning for object exchange in utilsplugin2 new template_report replace geometry team enhancement normal
#11461 Problem with plug in to import satellite images new reprojection geotools team defect normal
#11599 Relation Editor should update after splitting a member new relation, editor, geometry, update, split team defect normal
#12613 Show preview image in the geotagging Plugin new photo_geotagging EXIF team enhancement normal
#14178 Replace geometry: Optional setting handling for membership conflicts new template_report replace geometry membership team enhancement normal
#15574 [patch] [experimental] make large jpeg loading work through the use of JNI bridge to turbojpeg system library new jpeg geoimage turbojpeg large images libjpeg-turbo jni team enhancement normal
#16056 GUI should show the Source Layer of the Geoimage window new ImageViewer geoimage team enhancement normal
#16061 GeoBretagne orthophotos assigned france geobretagne Stereo task normal
#17822 Change source:geometry -> source:position MapCSS rule new source geometry position team enhancement normal
#18611 JOSM slows down after opening large geotif new geotiff team defect normal
#18733 Add support for PROJ datum grid CDN new projection grid geotiff team enhancement normal
#19126 WindowGeometry with multi-monitor setup or tiling window manager new Window Geometry multi-monitor dialog position tiling-wm team defect normal
#19220 Replace geometry: Notify if objects with positive id are deleted new template_report replace geometry delete team enhancement normal
#19614 Replace geometry: keyboard friendly conflict resolution new template_report replace geometry conflict team enhancement normal
#19988 Replace Geometry: Does not warn if way direction is changed with tags depending on the direction new template_report replace geometry way direction team defect normal
#20407 Enable opening of other JOSM supported formats via remote control's import command new geojson import gpx remote control team enhancement normal
#3757 audio play head jumps to start of the track new audio geotagged images sync team defect minor
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