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#5405 Allow Zoom to marker for audio markers (and other marker types?) new V-900, audio files, center team enhancement normal
#6804 template_report should attach test osm file new file spurious team enhancement normal
#7487 option to auto-save the current osm file after upload new upload save local file team enhancement normal
#11017 3GPP audio files open in browser on Linux new 3gpp audio file gpx browser team defect normal
#12137 Make File>Open recognize Imagery pictures new File Open Imagery pictures team enhancement normal
#18671 Silent download to other layer new template_report download never osm file layer team defect normal
#19602 OsmTransferException while downloading GPX new template_report gpx download truncated-file team defect normal
#21037 Option to automatically update data opening a file with old data new template_report open file update data team enhancement normal
#21487 Save Session: Using a dot in file name does not add file extension new template_report save session file extension team defect normal
#22671 [Open file] Remove trailing space(s) needinfo template_report open file white space anonymous defect normal
#1701 josm should support loading multiple audio files new file team enhancement minor
#10420 Reload images on change new reload FileWatcher WatchService team enhancement minor
#13704 file rename process unexpectedly aborts new file rename layer team enhancement minor
#16408 JOSM is reloading multiple times a modified validation file new reload file watch event team enhancement minor
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