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#4798 relation editor: highlight "doubled" members with different roles differently than "doubled" members with the same role new relation editor role team enhancement major
#3034 open relation editor by click on turn-restriction symbol new restriction symbol editor team enhancement normal
#6656 OpeningHoursEditor corrections + enhancements new openinghourseditor plugin enhancement boxes shortcut description dialog list drop-down holiday boman enhancement normal
#7506 Adding shortcut for relation editor and tag editor new relation editor, shortcuts team enhancement normal
#9176 Relation editor: Applying a preset while editing tags can create empty tags (subsequently ignored) new tag, relation, editor michael2402 defect normal
#11558 Add ways user selected and perform 'Zoom to Gap' in one go new Relation editor team enhancement normal
#11599 Relation Editor should update after splitting a member new relation editor geometry update team defect normal
#13592 relation editor: missing repaint of connectivity info after downloading incomplete members new template_report relation editor team defect normal
#13698 RelationEditor: "Zoom to" replaces selection without hint in text, it shoudn't new relation editor team enhancement normal
#14711 when sorting members of a route, look at oneway tag of ways or direction of roundabout new Relation Editor team defect normal
#15324 Button to sort stops in PT route relation new relation editor sort public transport team enhancement normal
#15371 Relation editor, deactivate/disable modifying actions when relation was changed in main editor new Relation Editor team enhancement normal
#8448 Tag editor: "short cuts" for tag combinations new tag editor team enhancement minor
#10004 Treat higway=* + area=yes similar to roundabouts in the relation editor. new relation editor team enhancement trivial
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