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#8835 Button to send download to background new download, background, mirrored_download team enhancement major
#21 Bookmarks new bookmark download team enhancement normal
#6146 Hatch entire data layers without download bounds new hatch data download team enhancement normal
#6337 Add option to download incomplete multipolygons new multipolygon download team enhancement normal
#6864 Can't "download along" a pure waypoints gpx file / marker layer / geotagged images layer new waypoint gpx marker download geotagged enhancement normal
#7489 [patch needs rework] Undo merge and download actions new redo undo merge download command team enhancement normal
#7638 Add cursor and selection latitude and longitude to download Slippy Map new download map position latitude longitude team enhancement normal
#8946 Download Location: option to undelete when downloading older versions new download location undelete history team enhancement normal
#10999 Download area status not preserved when moving node new template_report download area move team defect normal
#11045 New optional parameters to "import" remote control handler for tag replacement and OSM API download new import tag replacement download team enhancement normal
#11198 Option "download relation members" do not download relations which this members belongs to new download incomplete relation members team defect normal
#11871 Searching "Area around places" should allow to center slippy map for further selection new Area, search, download, slippy map, bad request team enhancement normal
#12056 ContinuosDownload don't know the state of sources if changed (esp. GPS) new template_report gpx download team defect normal
#12087 Implement a slippy map download bbox reminder new download bbox reminder team enhancement normal
#12303 [Patch] When downloading objects with Overpass API, use recurse up to fetch referrers needinfo mirrored_download overpass simon04 enhancement normal
#13784 RejectedExecutionException: DownloadOsmTask (after restart) new template_report download restart executor task rejection team defect normal
#15085 Fetch overpass turbo queries from OSM preferences API new mirrored_download overpass turbo team enhancement normal
#16539 OSM data + GPS Raw data download does not come to an end new template_report download team defect normal
#16632 RejectedExecutionException: PlaceSelection$NameQueryTask rejected from ProgressMonitorExecutor new template_report download team defect normal
#17785 Download only your own GPS tracks from the site when downloading data from the selected site. new gpx download team enhancement normal
#17836 Download along several gpx tracks at once new download_along gpx team enhancement normal
#17838 Cmd+Shift+Down selects text on the welcome screen new template_report macos download team defect normal
#17867 Download object changed in changeset in background new template_report download background team enhancement normal
#17878 Cannot download full old version of an OSM object new template_report download api team defect normal
#17898 better protection of relation member order new split way relation order download team enhancement normal
#17978 More user-friendly message about deleted objects after downloading a changeset new template_report changset download deleted message team enhancement normal
#18340 [RFC PATCH] Allow additional sources of data to be downloaded at the same time as OpenStreetMap data sources new download team enhancement normal
#18413 No download area after merge selection reopened template_report download area merge selection team defect normal
#18463 changeset download: only download modified members of relations new template_report changeset content relation download team enhancement normal
#18668 JOSM downloads to geojson layer new download team defect normal
#18671 Silent download to other layer new template_report download never osm file layer team defect normal
#18700 Cached OSM data when using a tasking manager new webstart, tasking manager, download, cache team defect normal
#18971 Improve handling of "The area you tried to download is too big or your request was too large" error new download team enhancement normal
#19008 Differences in results outside downloaded area between no download area at all and small download area somewhere new template_report download area team defect normal
#9260 Zoom level changes when downloading map data new zoom, download team defect minor
#17266 [Patch RFC] "Download along" does not increment status popup reopened download along team defect minor
#14573 slippy map in download window jumps unexpectedly when doing a consecutive download in one session new download slippy_map team defect trivial
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