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#15530 Designated direction for railway tracks new railway direction team enhancement normal
#16163 Right To Left support for input boxes new RTL bidirectional arabic iman enhancement normal
#17533 Check waterway flow direction reopened waterway direction team enhancement normal
#18211 Allow to handle direction arrows in MapCSS new mapcss direction arrow team enhancement normal
#18854 Validation for stream and river direction new mapcss waterway stream river direction team enhancement normal
#18989 Some more warnings for direction and railway new template_report direction railway signal team enhancement normal
#19218 Relation editor: Support for roles and separate relation per direction in superroute connectivity line new template_report superroute role direction connectivity team enhancement normal
#18988 Split way: no warning about *:direction=forward/backward/both on split node new template_report split way node direction team defect normal
#19988 Replace Geometry: Does not warn if way direction is changed with tags depending on the direction new template_report replace geometry way direction team defect normal
#20814 Angle / direction in bottom status bar not updated when deselecting newly drawn way new template_report angle compass_direction team defect normal
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