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#3746 Allow reverting objects to previous state in history dialog new revert history dialog team enhancement normal
#6182 add an option not to show all existing values in the 'change value dialog' new 'change value?' dialogue, value auto completion team enhancement normal
#6656 OpeningHoursEditor corrections + enhancements new openinghourseditor plugin enhancement boxes shortcut description dialog list drop-down holiday boman enhancement normal
#14142 Rename "Toggle Dialogs" (sometimes "Windows") to "Panel" new toggle dialog window panel team enhancement normal
#15943 Misbehaviour or wrong description of search string 'key=' reopened template_report search dialog team defect normal
#16485 OAuth wizard windows have tendency to hide their own error messages new oauth error dialog focus team defect normal
#16974 Addressing dialog improvement new annotation,address,dialog,default,values team enhancement normal
#16975 Addressing dialog house number: support +2 increment for "18,20" new addressing,dialog,increment,idea team enhancement normal
#17369 Add history to toggle dialogs panel new history, toggle dialogs team enhancement normal
#18673 Selection toggle dialog: Harmonize display of icons for "fixme" and "note" new template_report selection toggle dialog fixme note icon team enhancement normal
#19430 Upload dialog: Option to deselect object from list and option to open history viewer new upload dialog deselect history team enhancement normal
#19528 Download Dialog: Bounding Box: Context menu partly hidden new template_report download dialog bbox context menu team defect normal
#19944 Preference Dialog: Add small delay before downloading additional data new template_report preference dialog team enhancement normal
#20258 Window for editing imagery entry new preferences dialog team enhancement normal
#21621 Open dialog traverse folders verify finicky on macOS 12 arm64 with Bluetooth mouse new template_report, open dialog team defect normal
#21633 Add scroll bar to dialog "Automatic tag correction" new template_report scroll bar dialog height team defect normal
#22346 ToggleDialog: fix maximum height new toggle dialog maximum height team enhancement normal
#5650 The term 'key:' can only be the last term of a multiple AND search expression. new search dialog team defect minor
#18352 add tag dialog: prevent window size to be bigger than screen new template_report expert mode add tag dialog recent window size team enhancement minor
#19215 Import Vector Dialog Hidden by Opening Files Dialog new modal dialog Upliner defect minor
#19529 Download Dialog: Tile numbers: Button offset new template_report download dialog tile numbers button team defect trivial
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