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#7317 Cycle list is different for middle-click and Alt+click reopened cycle select list team defect normal
#9296 report missing (oneway:bicycle) for ways with (oneway=yes) and ((cycleway=opposite_lane) or (cycleway=opposite)) new cycleway, opposite, oneway, bicycle team enhancement normal
#9385 colour of arrows on oneway paths with bicycle=designated, foot=designated new bicycle foot oneway team defect normal
#11122 add shop=motorcycle_repair new shop motorcycle repair team enhancement normal
#12866 Display disused:railway=* and abandoned:railway=* like railway=disused/abandoned whenever relevant new lifecycle prefix display validator team enhancement normal
#15512 cycleway=lane not showing one side when,....... new dash, oneway, bicycle, lane, cycleway team defect normal
#16093 handling of (lifecycle) prefixes new lifecycle prefix team enhancement normal
#16971 support cycleway:left/cycleway:right in map style or discourage it in validator new template_report, cycleway team defect normal
#16990 Paint opposite cycleway tags new cycleway team enhancement normal
#17472 Warn about redundant cycleway tags new cycleway team enhancement normal
#17488 complain about cycleway=opposite_lane, cycleway=opposite without oneway=yes new template_report cycleway team enhancement normal
#17498 Complain about bicycle="no" and cycleway=(something positive) new bicycle, cycleway team enhancement normal
#17511 Incorrect validation warning: turn restriction for oneway=yes with oneway:bicycle=no new Validator, oneway, turn restriction bicycle team defect normal
#17899 relation editor: oneway direction with route=bicycle and oneway:bicycle new template_report relation manager oneway bicycle connectivity team defect normal
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