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#6786 Command stack conflict error message new command team defect trivial
#20481 just an idea: 'undo' versus 'restore to' new Command Stack,undo,restore team enhancement trivial
#8463 Command stack (undo/redo) should be per object new command undo redo team enhancement minor
#13036 More validation for commands new gsoc-core command team enhancement normal
#5846 AssertionError when undoing PurgeCommand new purge undo command stack team defect normal
#7489 [patch needs rework] Undo merge and download actions new redo undo merge download command stack team enhancement normal
#14526 SequenceCommand doesn't rollback properly in case of subcommand error. new SequenceCommand undo command team defect normal
#20655 Command line option "update plugins" new template_report plugin update command line team enhancement normal
#19331 AssertionError after download, purge, download, undo new template_report undo purge command stack team defect normal
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