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#8933 External presets / rules / styles: Update does not work new update external preset validator rule style cache team defect normal
#14022 Region [TMS_BLOCK_v2] Problem loading keys for file TMS_BLOCK_v2 new jcs cache team defect normal
#16000 Allow per-map setting of imagery.generic.*_expires new tms cache team enhancement normal
#16832 Add settings to control automatic refresh strategy new cache update policy team defect normal
#19004 Tile cache seems to forget tiles exist, momentarily new cache team defect normal
#20141 ImageProvider: cache rendered SVG images using JCS assigned cache svg jcs performance startup simon04 enhancement normal
#20778 TMS server cache reopened tms cache invalidate clear team defect normal
#20867 LinkageError: JNLPClassLoader attempted duplicate class definition for jcs3.engine.CacheElement new template_report OpenWebStart jcs cache team defect normal
#21164 Reading folder with image sequence over network is slow new template_report network exif performance cache team enhancement normal
#21214 NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class (OpenWebStart) new template_report jcs cache webstart team defect normal
#21831 Add confirmation message to flush the tile cache new template_report context menu flush tile cache team enhancement normal
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