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#7468 Do not delete address nodes but use them as corner node new address node, building_tools_replacement_mode Upliner defect normal
#8388 Two different building presets new building team defect normal
#22048 building=construction preset missing some values new building construction team enhancement normal
#13472 Detect areas mapped on top of highway=* areas new building higway area team enhancement normal
#8887 Render addr:housenumber in favour of operator/brand new building house number render team enhancement normal
#19665 Warn about building with name but missing primary tag. new building name team enhancement normal
#21878 Add building types: sports_centre, sports_hall, riding_hall new building sports_centre sports_hall riding_hall team enhancement normal
#19546 Warn about overlapping building:parts new overlap building parts team enhancement normal
#7328 building_tools -> core? reopened plugin, building_tools, frequent team enhancement normal
#17846 Complain about an unreasonably small buildings for types indicating bigger buildings new template_report building area team enhancement normal
#19642 Update building and building:part values and add more categorical building presets new template_report building building:part values team enhancement normal
#12310 Validator: add "gap between buildings" new template_report building gap osmose team enhancement normal
#21875 Incorrect British translation of building=kindergarten new template_report building kindergarten i18n team defect normal
#21973 [Patch] add building:levels:underground new template_report building:levels:underground team enhancement normal
#20864 Orphaned building parts needinfo template_report building:part building jervinsevilla175@… enhancement normal
#16280 autofix for almost square check for buildings is suboptimal new template_report building right square angle marxin defect normal
#21712 Report overlap between building=* and highway=pedestrian areas new template_report overlap building highway area team enhancement normal
#21864 ReplaceBuilding: NPE at java.base/java.util.Hashtable.put new template_report ReplaceBuilding Rub21 defect normal
#6178 terracer: deletes addr node without copying any data new teraccer part building delete node zerebubuth@… defect normal
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