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#3560 Tool bar buttons: add small arrow indicating submenu new toolbar button submenu indicator team enhancement normal
#6980 no horizonzal scrollbars in conflict resolution new scrolling conflict scrollbar team defect normal
#7425 Plugins toolbar redefinitions new toolbar team defect normal
#9934 Hide toggle dialog header context menu item dynamic side bar buttons when disabled through preferences new dynamic sidebar toggle team enhancement normal
#11175 [Patch] "Ways with same position" gives errors that are not new barrier duplicate way GerdP defect normal
#13866 Improvement to the Scale bar - Readability plus zoom level addition new scale bar team enhancement normal
#13967 Direct option to save/load toolbar items new toolbar preference team enhancement normal
#14541 Configure toolbar: Impossible to add almost any core submenu new toolbar menu button submenu team defect normal
#18031 Complain about natural=rock used for large areas and suggest natural=bare_rock instead new template_report natural bare rock team enhancement normal
#18234 render sides of barrier=guard_rail new barrier guard rail team enhancement normal
#19235 Toolbar: Support flexible space new toolbar flexible space team enhancement normal
#19478 Possibility to customize the toolbar more than now new toolbar position touchscreen size team enhancement normal
#20232 Relation editor: Make left toolbar user configurable new template_report relation editor toolbar team enhancement normal
#21013 Customize track drawing dialog needs scrollbar new template_report gpx customize drawing scrollbar team defect normal
#21087 Dialogs for adding custom imagery need scrollbar new scrollbar add custom imagery team defect normal
#21262 The imagery toolbar buttons periodically disappear new template_report toolbar team defect normal
#21633 Add scroll bar to dialog "Automatic tag correction" new template_report scroll bar dialog height team defect normal
#21722 [patch] Warn about turning_circle with barrier new template_report turning_circle barrier team enhancement normal
#20380 Toolbar buttons for easypreset-created presets are disabled until you once enter toolbar editing settings panel new toolbar preset easypreset button github maripogoda defect minor
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