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#5421 Please make SimplifyArea plugin to be part of the JOSM core new simplify way area team enhancement normal
#6372 Plugin Request: Easy tracing of areas from aerial images new Plugin tracing areas imagery team enhancement normal
#8709 Offer to convert into a multipolygon relation when splitting an area new split, area, multipolygon team enhancement normal
#9270 Show icons on map also for areas and lines, not only for nodes reopened area icon team enhancement normal
#10523 Displaying area in hectare while it should be square meter/kilometer new metric measurement area team enhancement normal
#10999 Download area status not preserved when moving node new template_report download area move team defect normal
#11871 Searching "Area around places" should allow to center slippy map for further selection new Area, search, download, slippy map, bad request team enhancement normal
#12124 area icons new area icon style image-pattern team enhancement normal
#12608 Add measurement plugin to core new measurement areasize team enhancement normal
#13472 Detect areas mapped on top of highway=* areas new building higway area team enhancement normal
#14669 default map paint style does not recognize highway areas other than pedestrian new road area team defect normal
#16862 Add swimming_area new leisure swimming area team enhancement normal
#17846 Complain about an unreasonably small buildings for types indicating bigger buildings new template_report building area team enhancement normal
#18675 Join Areas: Tags and Membership from uninvolved objects copied new template_report join area tag membership team defect normal
#19008 Differences in results outside downloaded area between no download area at all and small download area somewhere new template_report download area team defect normal
#19394 Combine way: Instead of denying, offer help working outside downloaded area new template_report combine way dowload area team enhancement normal
#19977 Create new validator for aeroway=runway new aerialway area team enhancement normal
#20054 Overlapping areas: Allow areas inside areas sharing segments new template_report overlap area inside team enhancement normal
#20102 [WIP Patch] Add area:highway new template_report area:highway team enhancement normal
#20256 False positives of some validator rules caused by incomplete data new template_report validator download area incomplete Biswesh defect normal
#20306 "Water area inside water area" triggered for reedbeed in a lake new template_report water wetland area inside team defect normal
#20906 Add matching mode "closed way contains element" new match object inside area Tyndare enhancement normal
#20909 "No area style for multipolygon" produces lots of duplicates new template_report multipolygon area style team defect normal
#21712 Report overlap between building=* and highway=pedestrian areas new template_report overlap building highway area team enhancement normal
#21887 amenity inside amenity should always consider layer tag new template_report node inside area amenity parking layer team defect normal
#22847 Objects of a data layer with no downloaded area at all should be considered as object outside of downloaded area new downloaded area team enhancement normal
#22985 mapcss "area" rule: inconsistency asserts and validator new template_report area team defect normal
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