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#8265 unwanted move action new unwanted move action team defect normal
#12415 [patch] temporary layer did not use use antialiasing new antialiasing layer team defect normal
#14990 Consider correct segments only from correct routes assigned gsoc_pt_assistant giackserva enhancement normal
#16082 Strange artifacts when warping imagery at South/North Pole new template_report projection warping stereographic antarctic south pole polar team defect normal
#16190 add validator warning for fire_hydrant:type=pond new fire hydrant pond team enhancement normal
#21399 Check for valid secondary tags of power plant and generator new power plant generator source method output team enhancement normal
#22464 wiki EdgeSelection new EdgeSelection pt_assistant team defect normal
#18131 Antialias JOSM logo on loading screen - jaggy steps are not very nice new template_report logo antialiasing svg clip path team defect minor
#23090 Ant clean tasks not cleaning everyhing new ant team defect minor
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