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#13992 URL validator on source:url new source:url team defect normal
#19118 JMapViewer: add <url> and <license> in pom.xml new maven pom url license team enhancement normal
#19616 Better handling of zero-width space (\u200b) in URL new validator, url team enhancement normal
#21433 Wrong warning of the URL validator new url special character team defect normal
#21904 [Patch] Pasting a changeset URL causes the changeset's objects and their historys to be downloaded new changeset url download layer team enhancement normal
#21999 Automatically trunken pasted url (from buffer) new template_report paste url buffer Upliner enhancement normal
#22000 Use core functions for recognizing objects ids and types plus automatically include buffer content new template_report paste url buffer team enhancement normal
#22659 The "Jump to position" tool does not refresh after first use needinfo jump to position URL severin.menard defect normal
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