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#1858 osmarender, tiny svg, rendering reopened osmarender framm defect major
#8472 Wikimedia Commons geocoded media support new wiwosm wikimedia commons media pictures geocoding gsoc-candidate simon04 enhancement major
#5439 Implement ability to hide selected object new hide expose object team enhancement normal
#7638 Add cursor and selection latitude and longitude to download Slippy Map new download map position latitude longitude team enhancement normal
#8345 Coloured_Postcode: support associatedStreet and Street relation new colour postcode relation geozeisig enhancement normal
#9296 report missing (oneway:bicycle) for ways with (oneway=yes) and ((cycleway=opposite_lane) or (cycleway=opposite)) new cycleway, opposite, oneway, bicycle team enhancement normal
#9297 detect nodes with unneeded railway=level_crossing new railway level crossing team enhancement normal
#9299 detect nodes with unneeded railway=crossing new railway crossing team enhancement normal
#9819 stricter checking for highways crossing waterways without bridges new crossing layer bridge tunnel team defect normal
#10033 Josm do not start in remote control from in https new https certificate localhost stoecker defect normal
#12150 Undocked panels jump around desktops (MacOS) when second display is used new macosx team defect normal
#12310 Validator: add "gap between buildings" new template_report building gap osmose team enhancement normal
#12719 Zoom out with minus key doesn't work on OSX new keyboard zoom out macosx team defect normal
#13108 .joz file not associated with JOSM on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux new template_report, macosx team enhancement normal
#13431 Preferences don't always save (OS X) new template_report macosx preferences team defect normal
#13734 Wishlist: Multitouch mouse zoom/pan gestures on mac OS new macosx team enhancement normal
#13944 ImproveWayAccuracy should allow node merging to closest one when creating it new ImproveWayAccuracy merge creation closest polygon team enhancement normal
#14337 OSX: zooms in and out when right click to pan new template_report macosx zoom pan javabug sierra team defect normal
#14399 More readable preferences dialog for macOS new macosx team enhancement normal
#14657 Zoom Menu on Mac OS-X is not working when called with keyboard shortcuts new zoom mac keyboard shortcut macosx team defect normal
#14741 Application is called "MainApplication" in the MacOS menu bar, instead of JOSM reopened MacOS regression Polarbear-j defect normal
#15570 Icons in settings sidebar are too small on macOS new template_report macos team enhancement normal
#15660 Relation editor: add "position/index of member" column new relation editor, table, position team enhancement normal
#16076 Second dialog window underneath the first window on macOS reopened template_report macos javabug team defect normal
#16158 Enhance keyboard consistency on macOS new CTRL command key macos keyboard javabug team enhancement normal
#16359 macOS Magic Mouse/Trackpad zoom issues new template_report macos mouse zoom team defect normal
#16558 Github plugins not available on any maven repository new github maven nexus gradle-josm-plugin team defect normal
#16793 crossing=zebra reopened crossing zebra team enhancement normal
#17098 Special Characters on Mac OS freezes keyboard new template_report macosx team defect normal
#17248 Keyboard Shortcut Zoom In and Zoom Out don't work on MacOS new macosx team defect normal
#17350 Autosave makes JOSM think layer is saved new template_report autosave team defect normal
#3188 osmChange has create before modify new osmChange team enhancement minor
#6429 Extend "Jump to Position" function to support different coordinate formats new jump position coordinates format team enhancement minor
#12856 Keyboard shortcuts on MacBook not all working new keyboard shortcut macosx team defect minor
#17240 Presets: verify that wiki links are no redirect new preset redirect http osm-wiki team enhancement minor
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