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#20739 Layers not working in MapCSS styles new layer mapcss team defect major
#10106 mapcss: grouping doesn't work correctly new mapcss team defect normal
#10211 Using ∈ and ⧉ in mappaint styles new mapcss team defect normal
#10215 MapCSS: make class selectors work for parent/child selectors new mapcss team defect normal
#10226 Verify multiple equal values new mapcss multiple values repetition team enhancement normal
#10435 Improvements to user-settings for mapcss mappaint styles new style settings mapcss team enhancement normal
#10474 Scaling of fill-image new mapcss team enhancement normal
#11796 MapCSS text-offset implementation not compatible to MapCSS specification new MapCSS team defect normal
#11970 Possible problem when comparing key with a replace() value new mapcss team defect normal
#11983 "Crossing ways" operator in MapCSS new mapcss team enhancement normal
#14290 Parent selector is selecting both child and parent new mapcss parent child selector team defect normal
#15726 Not returning the value when using tag() new mapcss team enhancement normal
#16120 DividedScale$RangeViolatedError: the new range must be within a single subrange (2) new template_report mapcss range team defect normal
#17172 [WIP PATCH] turn:lanes and lanes should match new mapcss lanes lanes-tagging team enhancement normal
#17189 mapcss should be able to use previous fields in the selector in additional fields new mapcss team defect normal
#17271 Cannot add assertMatch/assertNoMatch declarations with set declarations new mapcss team defect normal
#17287 crossing=marked as a new preset and/or a validator test new mapcss preset validator crossing team enhancement normal
#17388 [WIP PATCH] gpx_distance() is slow when there are many gpx points new mapcss team enhancement normal
#17425 MapCSS assert, support test with context new mapcss team enhancement normal
#17669 [PATCH][RFC] tag() in validator.mapcss should allow placeholders new template_report mapcss team enhancement normal
#17672 class at different zoomlevels for dashes, not overruled new mapcss class team defect normal
#18211 Allow to handle direction arrows in MapCSS new mapcss direction arrow team enhancement normal
#18309 mapcss find one or more nodes next to current one new mapcss validator team enhancement normal
#18854 Validation for stream and river direction new mapcss waterway stream river direction team enhancement normal
#18970 Way.hasIncompleteNodes() should remember the result new validator mapcss performance team enhancement normal
#19504 Better documentation of mapcss validator rules syntax new mapcss validator rules team enhancement normal
#19648 [patch] Show warning on invalid MapCSS validator rule parsing new template_report rule validation mapcss class team enhancement normal
#21193 MapCSS: distance function new mapcss distance team enhancement normal
#21933 Customization of GPS drawing options new gpx, color, mapcss team enhancement normal
#22301 Variable circle degree possibly with different colors new mapcss team enhancement normal
#22466 Mapcss: allow [/REGEX/=string] selectors new template_report regex mapcss team enhancement normal
#22541 [MapCSS] Color first/last half of way new MapCSS team enhancement normal
#22695 MAPCSS, Note on: icon-rotation: way; text-rotation: way; coordinate transformation, documentation new mapcss, text and icon rotation team enhancement normal
#22755 Inconsistent behavior of ∈ (building node part of building shape) new mapcss building inside team defect normal
#22804 MAPCSS: error regarding rotated text: no rotated coordinate system, rotated alignment horizontal / vertical --> error new MAPCSS, text-rotation team defect normal
#9920 make plus sign between two nodes of a line changeable with macss mappaint style new mapcss midpoint team enhancement minor
#17129 Cannot add assertMatch/assertNoMatch declarations with :selected pseudoclass new mapcss team defect minor
#19503 Rules validation throws exception instead or warning new template_report rules validator mapcss team defect minor
#20657 MAPCSS :selected pseudoclass doesn't update for child items with selection change new template_report mapcss selected pseudoclass team defect minor
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