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#13981 IllegalStateException: "Missing merge target of type node" reverting a changeset with deleted objects new Upliner defect critical
#10020 Revert to new layer broken new Upliner defect major
#13212 Removed objects are unaffected by plugin new Upliner defect major
#13348 DataIntegrityProblemException: "Deleted member referenced" attempting to revert a changeset new Upliner defect major
#15906 Isn't properly reverting multiple changesets new team defect major
#8493 "background" option just leads to another dialog in foreground new Upliner defect normal
#8660 False positive conflict detection with reverter plugin reopened Upliner defect normal
#11136 IllegalStateException: "Missing merge target for relation" trying to revert changeset after object history loads new Upliner defect normal
#11286 reverter: download objects history in parallel while restoring/undeleting new Upliner enhancement normal
#12360 Reverting objects with deleted data isn't ideal new Upliner defect normal
#12615 Option to restore deleted objects only new Upliner enhancement normal
#13435 Option to restore deleted and modified objects only new Upliner enhancement normal
#14774 Review deletions in a revert process new Upliner enhancement normal
#15626 Objects should not be downloaded via Overpass API when reverting changesets new Upliner defect normal
#16508 [Performance] Reading object history is inefficient new Upliner enhancement normal
#17687 The different options of the Reverter plugin do not work new Upliner defect normal
#17875 IllegalStateException: Already registered a conflict for primitive new Upliner defect normal
#12683 hotkey for reverter plugin not working without data layer new Upliner defect minor
#12684 Varying behaviour when undeleting a changeset new Upliner defect minor
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