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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#16595 search for bus stops when double splitting a way new Biswesh enhancement normal
#16597 button on top bar of relation editor, which shows public_transport:version new Biswesh enhancement normal
#16598 new button in relation editor that finds ways adjacent to stops and add them to the route new Biswesh enhancement normal
#16614 Add button to relation editor to remove all ways for which problems are reported in validator new Biswesh enhancement normal
#16828 Validator does not catch PT2 relations routing along highway=construction new Biswesh enhancement normal
#17378 PT assistant: railway=tram_stop missing from valid platform criteria list new Biswesh defect normal
#17662 Wrong warnings for route=ferry relation new Biswesh defect normal
#18034 False positive "Stop_position is not part of a way" for monorail stops new Biswesh defect normal
#18230 pt_assistent uses error code 3701 which is also used by RightAngleBuildingTest new Biswesh defect normal
#18955 NoSuchElementException at SplitRoundaboutAction.actionPerformed new Biswesh defect normal
#19413 incorrect route_ref warning new Biswesh defect normal
#19414 Options to disable/hide validator test, relation editor buttons and layer new Biswesh enhancement normal
#19474 pt_assistant crashes when using validator on certain bus routes new Biswesh defect normal
#19480 sort PT route members in relation causes exception new Biswesh defect normal
#19640 CCE: Way cannot be cast to Node at SortPTRouteMembersAction.sortPTRouteMembers new Biswesh defect normal
#19750 IllegalArgumentException: null primitive in selection new Biswesh defect normal
#20242 Validator: False positive for first/last stop does not match first/last way with roundtrip new Biswesh defect normal
#20256 False positives of some validator rules caused by incomplete data new Biswesh defect normal
#20410 Hidden Layer visible with focus in relation editor dialog new Biswesh defect normal
#20568 potentially wrong validator warnings on PTv2 relations for first/last segments of bus routes new Biswesh defect normal
#21055 Layer: Wrong and misleading direction arrows for routes with dual directions new Biswesh defect normal
#21084 Sorting more complex route relations completely fails new Biswesh defect critical
#21116 PT assistant: failed to locate image bus.png new Biswesh defect minor
#21359 pt assistant sorting bug new Biswesh defect normal
#15038 compare route_ref tag to the list of actually served lines/route relations new darya enhancement normal
#15415 PT_assistant: remove warning about gap if route contains only one way new darya defect normal
#14990 Consider correct segments only from correct routes assigned giackserva enhancement normal
#15114 jump from stop to correspondig way and vice versa assigned giackserva enhancement normal
#19538 JOSM blocked after request to upload new team defect normal
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