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#4350 PicLayer: Import of raster images (*.map, *.kal, *.geotiff) and calibration information (.wld, .tfw) new team enhancement normal
#4949 PicLayer calibration - ozi .map file support assigned Larry0ua enhancement normal
#5648 PicLayer format shall support the projection used new Larry0ua enhancement normal
#7123 Allow to move markers dragging on body, not only hot points assigned Larry0ua enhancement normal
#7124 Need a way to find markers new Larry0ua enhancement normal
#7144 handle projection change new Larry0ua defect normal
#7966 georef images wrong displayed after switching to correct projection new Larry0ua defect normal
#7975 Entering position of calibration points new Larry0ua enhancement normal
#8391 piclayer extesion error loading jpg new Larry0ua defect normal
#8484 Improve complicated procedure to align picture new Larry0ua enhancement normal
#8713 Both menu items in PicLayer menu are disabled (greyed out) new Larry0ua defect normal
#10334 More control points in PicLayer new Larry0ua enhancement normal
#10669 active piclayer seems to slow down screen/mapping movements new team defect normal
#10990 .KMZ import for Piclayer plugin new Larry0ua enhancement normal
#15692 Cannot add/use buttons in PicLayer plug-in new Larry0ua defect normal
#15834 Three targets impossible to grab unless zoomed in new Larry0ua defect normal
#15836 Always a big gamble on what zoom levels and position the new image will end up being overlayed new Larry0ua defect normal
#15919 Add "snap 1 to 1a" method new Larry0ua enhancement normal
#15924 "Drag to Move the Picture" will move 1. 2. and 3 to nonsense positions new team defect normal
#15974 The "drag to shear the picture" button is extremely overpowered new Larry0ua defect normal
#16881 kml not working in piclayer plugin new Larry0ua defect normal
#2372 (patch) Geotiff as background layer new Larry0ua enhancement minor
#15973 Add Aspect Ratio Lock checkbox new Larry0ua enhancement minor
#15837 Right click on layer lacks "Info" choice new team enhancement trivial
#15983 Add all four image quality sliders new Larry0ua enhancement trivial
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