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#8913 PH and SH unknown new boman defect major
#6656 OpeningHoursEditor corrections + enhancements new boman enhancement normal
#7890 Add columns for the opening hours on public holidays (PH) and school holidays (SH) new boman enhancement normal
#7932 Allow change of first day of week new boman enhancement normal
#8288 Hour resolution new boman enhancement normal
#8289 Opening the dialog. new boman enhancement normal
#8290 Month ranges new boman enhancement normal
#9085 opening_hours, "off" and OpeningHoursEdit new boman defect normal
#10157 IAE in OpeningTimeUtils.ensureValidMinute new boman defect normal
#10840 IAE in OpeningTimeUtils.ensureValidDay new boman defect normal
#15582 SyntaxException with a possibly valid opening_hours new boman defect normal
#16767 fails to parse PH or when <time_selector> is not seperated by <space> after <weekday_selector> (only valid option) or when <rule_modifier> present, but accepts and saves some wrong values without warning new boman defect normal
#8965 timespan ::= ... wrong specification, so is generation wrong too? new boman defect minor
#14556 Editor for the duration=* new boman enhancement minor
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