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#21121 15 Mapillary unit tests are failing new taylor.smock defect normal
#21629 CME at$Iter.align needinfo CostelloMellow defect normal
#21530 Disable Image info when the visualized Geotagged Image is not from mapillary new taylor.smock enhancement normal
#21791 Mapillary error new taylor.smock defect normal
#20278 Mapillary filter: documentation new taylor.smock task normal
#20274 Mapillary images: cannot zoom in to detail new taylor.smock enhancement normal
#21717 Mapillary plugin: add filter to display only images which are NOT Panoramas new taylor.smock enhancement normal
#21678 NPE at org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.dialogs.ToggleDialog.detach new taylor.smock defect normal
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