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#8345 Coloured_Postcode: support associatedStreet and Street relation new geozeisig enhancement normal
#10881 Cannot select and move nodes if "Mapnik (true)" map style is enabled new team defect normal
#13457 Street area new team enhancement normal
#18944 Extend bus (psv) lane rendering support new team enhancement normal
#19159 Lanes support for destination new team enhancement normal
#19238 Ability to chose and display a key value tag related to an object within the map new team enhancement normal
#20004 Most of the icons only rendered with access: but not with vehicle: new team defect normal
#20144 The created styleMappingAccessibility is not working without appear error needinfo LorenzoStucchi task normal
#20436 Use lane_markings tag new team enhancement normal
#20790 Clean up MxLaneStyles assigned cuild defect normal
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