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#21592 WMS HTTPS of Catastro de España not working new team defect major
#16123 External Imagery/Styles/Presets/Plugins/Rules https new team task normal Longterm
#16149 layer france : missing permission-ref <> attribution-url <> terms-of-use-url new team enhancement normal
#17118 Sort out axis=neu for EPSG:4326 reopened team defect normal
#17589 Street level imagery for Iceland from new team enhancement normal
#19224 Maxar Standard Imagery - error downloading tiles reopened team defect normal
#20619 Move to the LINZ Basemap service new team task normal
#20743 Sentinel-2 cloudless 2019 and 2020 new team enhancement normal
#21047 Add WMS from (Belgium/Flanders) new team enhancement normal
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