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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#3198 Disable keyboard shortcuts while a move or area selection is in progress new team enhancement major
#15787 Keyboard shortcuts (specifically for delete and undo) stop working after switching apps (at least under Mac OS) new team defect major
#15856 Numerical shortcuts don't work in AZERTY new team defect major
#5515 Single Key Shortcuts for activating and showing/hiding layers reopened jttt enhancement normal
#5763 Keyboard shortcuts not saved new team defect normal
#6412 Additional hotkeys/shortcuts for navigating completion lists new team enhancement normal
#7506 [Patch] Adding shortcut for relation editor and tag editor new team enhancement normal
#10736 JOSM ignores keyboard shortcuts after opening another window new team defect normal
#10937 <CTRL><ALT>J (jump to next marker not working new team enhancement normal
#11377 Change redo shortcut for dialogs new team defect normal
#12069 magnification lock wanted to disable change of map size due to overly sensitive mouse new team enhancement normal
#12243 Quick apply tags new team enhancement normal
#12595 Problem with keyboard layout 'RU' new team defect normal
#12671 Unbind J tool by default? Hide it from main menu? new team enhancement normal
#12673 Instead of an error during G tool, use Alt+J tool new team enhancement normal
#12765 M hotkey should be default behaviour during node hover over another node new team enhancement normal
#12862 Shortcut to select the outer way of a selected multipolygon new team enhancement normal
#13626 Paste as source position should be the default setting. new team enhancement normal
#13666 Unable to change "Paste at source position" keyboard shortcut to Ctrl-V new team defect normal
#14782 Keyboard shortcut for "zoom to" in relation editor / double click new team enhancement normal
#14899 Add shortcuts to rotate objects new team enhancement normal
#15242 Setting user specific keyboard shortcuts to frequently used user tags eg building=house new team enhancement normal
#15831 Add keyboard shortcut for opacity slider new team enhancement normal
#17168 Toggle Next Layer Shortcut new team enhancement normal
#20140 JOSM inconsistently respects remapped macOS modifier keys assigned Stereo defect normal
#20648 Unable to edit keybind for "Delete tags" new team defect normal
#20752 Reorder imagery layers: Three shortcuts in preferences but non is working new team defect normal
#21653 Ctrl+Alt+P and Ctrl+Alt+J do not cycle between next/previous GPX waypoint markers new team defect normal
#21700 Grammarly app can cause problem with JOSM shortcuts new team defect normal
#4132 'Shift+g' to switch from all GPS traces to just mine new team enhancement minor
#14472 Keyboard shortcut for latest "repeat search" action new team enhancement minor
#17651 Relation editor: enable keyboard-shortcut for "Zoom to selection" new team enhancement minor
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