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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#16472 Add support to 360 / spherical image new team enhancement major
#4168 Geoimage: remember synchronization offset value for different cameras new team enhancement normal
#4169 Geoimage: remember synchronization offset for each set of photos new team enhancement normal
#4172 geoimage: preload images new team enhancement normal
#11015 GPX Photo Correlation causes photos to disappear from view new team defect normal
#11189 Geotagged images taken out on surveys taken close together do not show seperately in JOSM new team defect normal
#11905 [Patch] Option to move multiple images at once assigned francois2 enhancement normal
#11906 Option to snap image(s) to a given way new team enhancement normal
#14234 IAE: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (GeoImageLayer) new team defect normal
#15498 Load folders containing pictures in separate layers new team enhancement normal
#15574 [patch] [experimental] make large jpeg loading work through the use of JNI bridge to turbojpeg system library new team enhancement normal
#16056 GUI should show the Source Layer of the Geoimage window new team enhancement normal
#16846 Manual adjust in geotagging images does not take last time set new team defect normal
#17072 The image viewer for Geotagged images should not clear between pictures new team defect normal
#3117 Blank frames shown in photo layer while photo previews are loading new team enhancement minor
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