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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#11017 3GPP audio files open in browser on Linux new team defect normal
#5405 Allow Zoom to marker for audio markers (and other marker types?) new team enhancement normal
#5541 Audio and Gpx new team enhancement normal
#2043 Audio continues to run for nearly a second after clicking pause button new team defect minor
#6180 audioicons status indication new team enhancement normal
#4395 Audiomapping new team enhancement normal
#3757 audio play head jumps to start of the track new team defect minor
#3633 Audio position reset when downloading new data new team defect normal
#2041 Audio syncronization by time new team enhancement normal
#3283 Improve audio markers new team enhancement major
#1701 josm should support loading multiple audio files new team enhancement minor
#3282 Syncing audio tracks not posible behind initial waypoint new team defect major
#5088 Trouble to synchronize several small audio files new team enhancement normal
#1547 Wrong play position for Audio markers new team defect minor
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