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#10808 JOSM breaks "No U-Turn restriction" relations when 'via' is a 'way', and relation isn't fully downloaded new simon04 team defect major
#14921 Support Sentinel 2 data directly new wiktorn, Klumbumbus, simon04, naoliv, michael2402, lists@… team enhancement major
#16733 Try offline transcoding of SVG icons using Photon new stoecker, simon04, floscher, michael2402, wiktorn, Klumbumbus team enhancement major
#6793 JOSM creating nodes at 0,0 new simon04, bastiK, skyper team defect normal
#8460 Validator checks for Public Traffic Proposal relations new skyper, simon04, darya team enhancement normal
#8612 Next version of remote control API new Don-vip, stoecker, bastiK, skyper, simon04 team enhancement normal
#8864 Include some functions from Utilsplugin2 new stoecker, Don-vip, bastiK, simon04, skyper, joshdoe, Zverikk, akks team enhancement normal
#9857 Address Preset doesn't keep the entry from before new simon04 team defect normal
#10033 Josm do not start in remote control from in https new Lesath, simon04, naoliv, Stereo stoecker defect normal
#10226 Verify multiple equal values new bastiK, simon04 team enhancement normal
#10429 false warnings about role:"number" and forward/backward:stop for public transport routes new simon04 team defect normal
#12037 [Alpha patch] Feedback on valid/invalid Overpass Turbo queries new simon04 team enhancement normal
#12629 Summarize changes in relation editor new simon04 team enhancement normal
#14142 Rename "Toggle Dialogs" (sometimes "Windows") to "Panel" new stoecker, bastiK, Don-vip, simon04, michael2402, wiktorn team enhancement normal
#14176 Use Java 8 Date API (JSR 310): replace Date by Instant? new simon04 team enhancement normal
#15626 Objects should not be downloaded via Overpass API when reverting changesets new simon04 Upliner defect normal
#15752 Test for landuse inside landuse new simon04 team enhancement normal
#16696 Slows down JOSM when working with a lot of data new simon04 floscher enhancement normal
#17011 Multiple warnings for same problem new Klumbumbus, simon04, qeef team enhancement normal
#17083 Create jlink native runtimes assigned stoecker, simon04, floscher, michael2402, wiktorn Don-vip enhancement normal
#17661 Wrong warnings for route=ferry relation new simon04 team defect normal
#17662 Wrong warnings for route=ferry relation new Polyglot, simon04 Biswesh defect normal
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