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#2710 [WIP Patch] The preferences should have multiple server profiles new joshdoe, malenki, Zibik, francois.lacombe, vinber team enhancement major
#5038 Proposal for editing object attributes in spreadsheet mode new thePlaneMad@…, joshdoe team enhancement major
#6582 command stack: no info about layers (seperate command stack per layer) new joshdoe team defect major
#3495 Automatic way combining new bilbo, yoshimit@…, joshdoe team enhancement normal
#7299 Move features to expert mode new joshdoe, akks team enhancement normal
#7308 Syntax highlighting in search dialog new joshdoe team enhancement normal
#8864 Include some functions from Utilsplugin2 new stoecker, Don-vip, bastiK, simon04, skyper, joshdoe, Zverikk, akks team enhancement normal
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