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#16258 GDPR related API changes new Stereo team enhancement major
#7651 Alignment granularity for 30 and 45 degree angles new Stereo, team enhancement normal
#11910 [Patch in discussion] Adding imagery_used to changeset tags new ruben@…, Klumbumbus, stoecker, Don-vip, bastiK, Stereo team enhancement normal
#15085 Fetch overpass turbo queries from OSM preferences API new bastiK, michael2402, Stereo team enhancement normal
#17849 macos: erratic extra window behaviour needinfo Stereo richlv defect normal
#18726 Use {apikey} everywhere assigned Stereo, stoecker, sommerluk Don-vip enhancement normal
#19998 Streetside plugin crashes after data is displayed on the map. needinfo Stereo jBeata defect normal
#20112 Full-screen inactive pop-ups on latest Mac OS, latest JOSM beta-release 17323 needinfo Stereo stevenjo1@… defect normal
#20722 Add definition heritage for Lübeck new Stereo team defect normal
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