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#11265 [PATCH] Measure area made of several segments new naoliv, GerdP team enhancement normal
#15051 Add help button to "Search for Objects by Preset" new Klumbumbus, stoecker, GerdP team enhancement normal
#16988 [Patch] Plugin importvec should not create duplicate nodes new GerdP Upliner defect normal
#18019 Creating a multipolygon is wrongly moving highway=* to the relation new GerdP team enhancement normal
#18138 [PATCH] Validator rules for connectivity relations needinfo GerdP, taylor.smock Traaker_L enhancement normal
#18863 split ways: false positive warnings about missing members assigned JeroenHoek, GerdP GerdP defect normal
#18985 Changeset Manager: Strange behaviour when downloading a deleted object new GerdP team defect normal
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