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#17072 The image viewer for Geotagged images should not clear between pictures new team defect normal
#17172 [PATCH] turn:lanes and lanes should match new team enhancement normal
#17189 mapcss should be able to use previous fields in the selector in additional fields new team defect normal
#17261 Conflation Error with LineString new Tyndare defect normal
#17271 Cannot add assertMatch/assertNoMatch declarations with set declarations new team defect normal
#17287 crossing=marked as a new preset and/or a validator test new team enhancement normal
#17296 [PATCH] If there is a fixme and the fixme value is also a tag, we should ask if the fixme is fixed new team enhancement normal
#17340 JOSM should check relations for ways with no nodes (e.g., partially deleted ways) new team defect normal
#17388 [WIP PATCH] gpx_distance() is slow when there are many gpx points new team enhancement normal
#17501 [PATCH] Detect if a oneway in a relation may be going in the wrong direction new team enhancement normal
#17528 [PATCH] Detect issues at intersections new team enhancement normal
#17584 [PATCH] pt_assistant shouldn't use deprecated methods reopened Biswesh enhancement normal
#17616 Add new functions to to find distances between primitives new team enhancement normal 19.04
#16998 [PATCH] parent_osm_id should have a parent_osm_ids new team enhancement minor
#16999 Allow .class on left side of parent/child selectors new team enhancement minor
#17129 Cannot add assertMatch/assertNoMatch declarations with :selected pseudoclass new team defect minor
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