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#3282 Syncing audio tracks not posible behind initial waypoint new team defect major
#3283 Improve audio markers new team enhancement major
#14921 Support Sentinel 2 data directly new team enhancement major
#5033 Add preferences dialog to reset "Do not show me again" messages new team enhancement normal
#5034 When automatic request answer are used, warn user new team enhancement normal
#5219 livegs does not drawn lines immediately new framm defect normal
#6337 Add option to download incomplete multipolygons new team enhancement normal
#6338 Better display of incomplete multipolygons new team enhancement normal
#8443 Improve reverse way user interface new team enhancement normal
#8484 Improve complicated procedure to align picture new Larry0ua enhancement normal
#9873 Can't Combining two ways where one is self-overlapping reopened team defect normal
#11392 Styles, rules and presets translation new stoecker enhancement normal
#11492 No memory warning when loading OSM data new team defect normal
#14651 No tag conflict handling for "Update Multipolygon" new team defect normal
#16123 External Imagery/Styles/Presets/Plugins/Rules https new team task normal 19.04
#16301 Add filter and icon for map types new team enhancement normal 19.04
#16360 I18n script creates data for transifex directories new team defect normal
#16921 Calling SyncEditorLayerIndex.groovy creates unneeded preferences file and then throws NPE doing so new team defect normal
#17495 GeoJSON import seems to ignore EPSG code reopened Larry0ua enhancement normal
#1547 Wrong play position for Audio markers new team defect minor
#2328 Possibility to move way segments new team enhancement minor
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