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#571 node placement tools new team enhancement major
#724 Josm Extrude for multiple elements new team enhancement major
#1729 SRTM/ASTER layers new OliverW enhancement major
#1858 osmarender, tiny svg, rendering reopened framm defect major
#2318 snap to ways / nodes while in select/move mode new team enhancement major
#2319 snap to markers new team enhancement major
#2461 Show other icon if multiple images are on one track point new team enhancement major
#2710 [WIP Patch] The preferences should have multiple server profiles new team enhancement major
#2891 (unfinished PATCH) new mapmode for circles new Landwirt enhancement major
#3198 Disable keyboard shortcuts while a move or area selection is in progress new team enhancement major
#3282 Syncing audio tracks not posible behind initial waypoint new team defect major
#3283 Improve audio markers new team enhancement major
#3831 conflict management too complicated and misleading reopened team enhancement major
#4509 In addition to "conflicts", detect and resolve "potential map anomalies" new team enhancement major
#4608 improve command stack dialog (undo any edit) new team enhancement major
#4635 Inform about wrong turn-relations when splitting ways new team enhancement major
#4798 relation editor: highlight "doubled" members with different roles differently than "doubled" members with the same role new team enhancement major
#4925 Dialog are placed wrong on dual-head X11 new team defect major
#5038 Proposal for editing object attributes in spreadsheet mode new team enhancement major
#5190 Rectify fails in WGS84 new team defect major
#5215 Automatically detect and fix situations, where server accepted upload and JOSM assumes upload failure new team defect major
#5325 Auto-Save when uploading, after each successful block of data. new team enhancement major
#5335 conflict resolution cannot resolve multiple objects at once new team defect major
#6002 "Upload selection" should not check for parents new team defect major
#6020 render filling problem with partly downloaded multipolygon reopened team defect major
#6102 Non-Connected way checks in validator needs to be projection independent new defect major
#6128 Resolving node conflicts as "deleted" is broken new team defect major
#6205 Turnrestrictions plugin doesn't like adding a new restriction on two ways when they already intersect at a different location. new team defect major
#6441 turnrestrictions plugin putting wrong end of split highway in "To" when selecting "Only Right Turn" new team defect major
#6450 Incorporate Taginfo into Validator (was: validator, unknown keys and values) new team enhancement major
#6518 select and edit actions performed in inactive layer. new team defect major
#6582 command stack: no info about layers (seperate command stack per layer) new team defect major
#6764 Selecting anything in the vicinity of selected nodes is nearly impossible new team defect major
#6997 zoom controls for the slippy map new team enhancement major
#7293 conflict when replacing a way in an inclomplete loaded relation with a new way new team defect major
#7297 Conflict management - Synchronize datasets efficiently new team defect major
#7807 State based drawing new team enhancement major
#8019 Sort relations by directional roles new team defect major
#8085 conflict management and deleted nodes and ways new team enhancement major
#8442 OSM objects parameter via stdin are not XML since 2 XML documents reopened Hind defect major
#8472 Wikimedia Commons geocoded media support new simon04 enhancement major
#8754 Check against wrong highway values in connected oneway roads denying routing new team enhancement major
#8820 Tabular edit of name tags new team enhancement major
#8830 Keep autosave files in case of a crash new team defect major
#8835 Button to send download to background new team enhancement major
#8913 PH and SH unknown new boman defect major
#8968 Combining ways: Roles not adjusted when changing direction new team defect major
#9353 Sync JOSM between multiple computers new team enhancement major
#9705 IAE "node is already deleted" after conflict resolution new team defect major
#9908 Filter notes reopened ToeBee enhancement major
#10020 Revert to new layer broken new Upliner defect major
#10391 Add support for "not element of" operator (∉) new team enhancement major
#10511 [Patch] Joining complex areas produces exception reopened team defect major
#10572 Not uploading deleted nodes new team defect major
#10808 JOSM breaks "No U-Turn restriction" relations when 'via' is a 'way', and relation isn't fully downloaded new team defect major
#11298 Extra caching when run under JavaWebStart new team defect major
#11641 Hang when I close application and after popup send before exit new team defect major
#12302 Visually differentiate deprecated tags new team enhancement major
#12536 Conflit window completely hides relation 'conflicts' while doing a "Replace Geometry" new team defect major
#12630 IllegalStateException: Tag collection does not include the selected value new team defect major
#12726 Include command stack actions in saved sessions new team enhancement major
#12816 House number tagging tool 31772 forgets entries if user specfies values different to the suggested ones in addr:street new oliver@… defect major
#12835 merge overlap isn't removing the overlapping way anymore (nor creating multipolygons) new team defect major
#12872 Allow hierarchical layers new team enhancement major
#13160 Some kind of deadlock which prevents typing in textboxes new team defect 19.04 major
#13212 Removed objects are unaffected by plugin new Upliner defect major
#13348 DataIntegrityProblemException: "Deleted member referenced" attempting to revert a changeset new Upliner defect major
#13984 Add: spatial resolution, date new team enhancement major
#14072 eula not displayed when adding imagery from Imagery menu new team defect major
#14196 Conflict manager allows to create ways with only one node new team defect major
#14210 JOSM does not give a message to the user when running out of memory new team enhancement major
#14278 Map preview not working in printing dialog new team defect major
#14520 RejectedExecutionException: MapillarySquareDownloadManagerThread.downloadSequence new floscher defect major
#14528 [Regression] Joining two closed ways results in a mess instead of one merged way new team defect major
#14921 Support Sentinel 2 data directly new team enhancement major
#14971 NPE when trying to combine areas new team defect major
#15030 IAE: Relation is already deleted new team defect major
#15182 Standalone JOSM validator assigned Don-vip enhancement major
#15229 modular structure for JOSM core new team enhancement major
#15240 transform gui icons to svg new team enhancement major
#15787 Keyboard shortcuts (specifically for delete and undo) stop working after switching apps (at least under Mac OS) new team defect major
#15856 Numerical shortcuts don't work in AZERTY new team defect major
#15906 Isn't properly reverting multiple changesets new team defect major
#16169 DataIntegrityProblemException: "Relation member must be part of the same dataset as relation" during road cut when editing a relation new team defect major
#16258 GDPR related API changes new team enhancement major
#16472 Add support to 360 / spherical image new team enhancement major
#16512 JsonException: Cannot auto-detect encoding, not enough chars new floscher defect major
#16733 Try offline transcoding of SVG icons using Photon new team enhancement major
#17275 ClassNotFoundException: org.geojson.GeoJsonObject new Rub21 defect major
#17341 Better ways to already translated Help content new team enhancement major
#17529 No Attributes for Shapefiles new openbrian defect major
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