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#8754 Check against wrong highway values in connected oneway roads denying routing new highway value oneway team enhancement major
#4746 conflict manager: please highlight deleted members and conflict in roles separately new conflict manager member highlight team enhancement normal
#5987 ability to change contrast and highlight of Imagery layers new contrast highlight layer imagery GSoC Nipel-Crumple enhancement normal
#6191 Terracer: does not add housenumbers if highest housenumber is given new highest housenumber add zerebubuth@… defect normal
#7308 Syntax highlighting in search dialog new search syntax highlighting gsoc-candidate team enhancement normal
#10634 add camping car service area new camping car service area highway services team enhancement normal
#11780 Add render support for highway=cycleway + foot=designated new template_report, highway, cycleway, foot, designated team defect normal
#11806 JOSM unusable on Linux with HIDPI/Retina displays reopened template_report Linux javabug high dpi retina team defect normal
#16658 highway=corridor, attraction=animal, historic=citywalls, land_area=administrative new highway corridor attraction animal tourism historic citywalls team enhancement normal
#17406 Complain about nodes shared by man_made=pipeline and highway=*, do not offer to merge nodes of man_made=pipeline and highway=* new template_report highway pipeline team enhancement normal
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