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#23702 mapcss: add unit conversion for length values normal 10 days skyper mapcss unit conversion lenght
#23627 Show map features with localized names also for chinese language normal 6 weeks Lepus map render language
#23596 [Patch] name=Bâtiment (French for "building"), especially on buildings, is suspicious and worth flagging by validator normal 2 months mkoniecz template_report
#23519 [Patch] Don't automatically enlarge "Validation Results" panel normal 3 months PPete2
#23472 [PATCH] Decrease cost of Geometry#polygonIntersectionResult (specifically for geometry.mapcss) normal 4 months taylor.smock performance
#23468 Performance issue with Validator tree window normal 4 months GerdP performance
#23427 [Patch] load session performance strongly depends on order of layers normal 5 months GerdP template_report, performance
#23397 Improve the results of partial validations normal 4 months GerdP
#23355 [PATCH] Sanity check JVM arguments on startup normal 3 months taylor.smock
#23302 [patch] Create a preference for address duplicate detection to include buildings and POIs, not just plain address nodes normal 4 months zyphlar address duplicate
#23189 be able to reduce the width of the "resolve conflicts" window normal 7 months leni template_report, conflict
#23182 Ignore the "check_date" tag in the validator for informational level normal 7 months angoca template_report
#23179 [PATCH] Include changeset in note comment if feasible normal 7 months qeef
#23148 Remove fenced=yes from the validator normal 4 months chris66nrw@…
#23105 [Patch] Add action to select shared/common child objects normal 10 months Woazboat
#23085 [PATCH] Improve speed of selecting large amounts of objects normal 10 months Nzara
#23078 [patch] Improve cancel action on OSM API errors minor 11 months gaben
#22991 [PATCH] Improve precision for boundaries + add subdivisions of Indonesia + add autonomous regions of various countries normal 12 months westnordost boundaries
#22908 [patch] Search button's dropdown list not initialized on JOSM lunch minor 13 months gaben template_report search dropdown arrow
#22880 [patch] Use a single log entry for MapCSS error logging trivial 14 months gaben mapcss log error_handling
#22846 [patch] Anonymize VM arguments in status reports normal 14 months gaben information disclosure
#22835 [PATCH] add republics + autonomous okrugs/oblasts for Russia normal 14 months westnordost boundaries
#22832 [patch] Minor typo fixes, code cleanup minor 10 months gaben
#22808 [Patch] Undoing "Paste" for ways of a route relation is very slow normal 13 months GerdP template_report performance
#22786 [patch] Link to context sensitive help is missing for "Expert Mode" minor 16 months skyper template_report help
#22785 [patch] Link to context sensitive help is missing for "Draw boundaries of downloaded data" minor 16 months skyper template_report help
#22784 [patch] Link to context sensitive help is missing for "Search for objects by preset" minor 16 months skyper template_report help
#22751 Fix fullscreen mode [patch] normal 12 months kolesar
#22704 [Patch] Add parent_way_angle() mapcss function normal 16 months Woazboat
#22576 Complain about merging square and marketplace into one object normal 17 months mkoniecz template_report
#22547 [Patch] tunnel=culvert should have waterway=* as well normal 16 months ivanbranco tunnel culvert osmose combinations waterway overpass
#22546 [patch] Warn about floating railway switches and crossings normal 6 months Famlam railway switch railway_crossing
#22529 [Patch] possibly improve performance in class `ChangesetDataSet` normal 18 months GerdP performance
#22504 [PATCH] Circularize selected ways normal 18 months qeef
#22497 [Patch] Add a setting opposite to proxy.exceptions normal 16 months TrickyFoxy proxy
#22489 JOSM on Mastodon normal 18 months Don-vip mastodon social
#22481 building:level -> building:levels normal 17 months marc_marc template_report
#22397 complain about image=* normal 21 months mkoniecz template_report
#22391 [PATCH] Support "image/png; mode=8bit" imagery normal 20 months nkamapper
#22379 Warn about unspecific parking=yes normal 21 months Famlam template_report parking
#22378 [Patch] Preview object properties on mouse hover normal 17 months Woazboat mouse, hover, object, preview, iD
#22375 boundaries.osm - add Scotland and Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels minor 18 months westnordost boundaries
#22338 Warn about unnecessary area=yes on: boundary, indoor, office, place normal 22 months Klumbumbus
#22337 [PATCH] Make window for attached GPX waypoint images resizable normal 18 months stoffld template_report
#22336 fix improvement for leaf_cycle=deciduous normal 22 months marc_marc template_report
#22335 Warn against toilet=* instead of toilets=* normal 22 months Famlam toilet toilets
#22333 [Patch] Allow delete + move up/down actions in filter dialog to act on all selected filters normal 20 months Woazboat filter, dialog, action, button, delete, move, multiple, selection
#22309 [Patch] Add option to merge by default when dragging nodes normal 21 months Woazboat merge, move, drag, node, option
#22307 [Patch] Add popup menu for notes normal 21 months Woazboat
#22279 [Patch] Add new split mode for quick splitting of ways normal 12 months Woazboat split, mode
#22253 Overpass query font size too small normal 12 months pl71 template_report windows laf
#22176 boundaries.osm - add subdivisions for Federated States of Micronesia trivial 2 years westnordost boundaries
#22140 [PATCH] Significantly reduce allocations in AbstractMapRenderer#drawVirtualNodes normal 2 years taylor.smock performance
#22120 [PATCH] Add 'school=entrance' to deprecation warnings normal 23 months pietervdvn template_report
#22102 Add a warning if surface does not match tracktype for highway=track with tracktype=grade2 till grade5 [PATCH] normal 23 months mcliquid template_report highway track tracktype grade surface asphalt gravel
#22091 Validator exception for amenity=ticket_validator on highways normal 2 years Cartographer10
#22075 [Patch] Update OpeningHoursParser to 0.27.0 normal 18 months SimonPoole ivy opening_hours
#22074 [Patch] Make opening hours parsing more lenient in strict mode normal 18 months SimonPoole opening_hours
#22065 [RFC PATCH] add a possibility to add and remove from selection in lasso and rect mode normal 2 years dieterdreist selection macosx
#22064 Make "Save Session" available in Non-Expert-Mode normal 18 months Bjoeni session expert mode
#22033 Add NHD:subbasin_name as exception to alternative name without name normal 2 years michael@…
#21965 [PATCH] Use <different> translation from KeyedItem minor 15 months gaben
#21953 Overpass preferences does not remember custom URLs normal 2 years Lepus
#21923 [Patch] Improve session workflow / Add "save session" normal 2 years Bjoeni session gpx conversion
#21893 [Patch] Improve move action (mouse drag of osm primitives) in MapMode by aligning movement if Ctrl modifier key is pressed normal 2 years cmuelle8 SelectAction MapMode MoveCommand Alignment
#21881 [patch] Add a check for loops in directional waterways normal 7 weeks TrickyFoxy waterway direction loop
#21867 [patch] Harmonize ConditionFactory pseudo classes javadoc minor 2 years gaben javadoc
#21865 [WIP patch] Harmonize menu strings style minor 2 years gaben string
#21836 voltage-high and voltage-low keys replacement on power transformers normal 17 months francois.lacombe power, transformer, voltages
#21813 [Patch] Improve marker handling in sessions normal 2 years Bjoeni gpx marker extension session
#21792 [patch] Request focus in SplitWayAction window segment list trivial 2 years gaben focus
#21696 ISE: no convergence for ts=NaN at normal 2 years oueslatiamine41@… template_report projection
#21693 [PATCH] Map only visible part of image, read directly from buffer array when buffer type is byte. normal 2 years GhostFoxSledgehammer performance
#21684 Add compatibility with Java 19 normal 8 months Don-vip java19
#21645 [patch] Extract common branches trivial 2 years gaben
#21605 Mapillary and photomapping - separate image windows normal 17 months richlv
#21596 [PATCH] Update dependencies in ivy.xml and tools/ivy.xml normal 2 years taylor.smock
#21533 Native Apple Silicon Support major 2 months fishcharlie.code@…
#21510 [PATCH] Enable Multi-Release Jars (MRJAR AKA JEP 238) normal 2 years taylor.smock jep238 mrjar java9
#21469 [PATCH] First/Last buttons in image display window should remember which images they come from normal 3 years taylor.smock
#21456 [Patch] boundaries.osm: add ISO3166-1:alpha2 code for Kosovo minor 3 years westnordost Kosovo, boundaries iso
#21423 [PATCH][RFC] Document validator test identification codes normal 16 months gaben ignore list
#21344 [PATCH] Allow opening a directory tree of pictures in JOSM normal 3 years marcello@…
#21319 [PATCH] Refactoring of class hierarchy around JosmComboBox / AutoCompComboBox major 22 months marcello@…
#21285 [Patch] Some more warnings on relations normal 2 years skyper template_report relation
#21271 [PATCH] Add mvt tile cache to CacheSettingsPanel normal 3 years taylor.smock mvt cache
#21268 [Patch] Warn about `levels=*` and ignore it in "Presets do not contain property key" minor 3 years skyper template_report levels
#21257 GPX export: lack of ordering breaks data consumers normal 3 years richlv GPX sort track
#21248 [PATCH] Let users know that the `wikidata` plugin name has changed normal 3 years taylor.smock
#21244 [patch] Fix misspellings in comments trivial 3 years gaben
#21240 [PATCH] [RFC] Refactoring of UploadDialog, HistoryComboBox and AutoCompletingComboBox major 3 years marcello@…
#21235 [PATCH] Stop whitelisting footway=*, and add footway=separate to blacklist candidates for sidewalk=* normal 23 months JeroenHoek footway sidewalk
#21172 [PATCH] Add method to create geometric distances from a point normal 3 years taylor.smock
#21144 Images correlation: temporary editable support layer to interpolate location of non-geotagged images normal 3 years Don-vip
#21136 Export GeoImage layer to GPX normal 3 years Don-vip gpx export
#21134 add help button to access toggle dialog help from its title bar normal 3 years Don-vip help
#21131 Improve GPX image correlation: direction detection and position shift normal 3 years Don-vip
#21124 [PATCH] Better fix for #20888 and #21117. normal 3 years marcello@…
#21115 [patch] Update highway validator rules to include highway=busway normal 3 years Famlam busway
#21079 TagInfoExtract: Better summarize tags normal 3 years skyper taginfo presets
#21068 [Patch] Flat roofs with roof:height normal 3 years Friendly_Ghost roof height
#21046 [PATCH] Slight change in list of naming tags for relations (was: Wish: if relation has neither "name", "ref", "note" show "description" as reference in the josm-windows) normal 22 months segubi gui relation selection window
#21038 Test "Way end node near other way" is too aggressive for railroads normal 3 years tomasmarklund railway way end near other
#21026 Better check for negative numeric values like width, height, ... normal 3 years mdk
#21009 Complain about landuse=yes normal 3 years mkoniecz template_report landuse
#21005 Add compatibility with Java 18 normal 2 years Don-vip java18
#20990 [PATCH] make open dialog use the details view normal 3 years Strubbl
#20987 Adding a validator rule: check key `turn` for wrong value `straight` instead of `through` [patch] normal 3 years anonymous turn lanes values
#20960 [Patch] Warn about construction=* without or conflicting primary tag normal 2 years skyper template_report construction missing conflicting tag
#20954 [PATCH] `FilterField` should extend `DisableShortcutsOnFocusGainedTextField` instead of `JosmTextField` normal 3 years taylor.smock
#20921 Update to JavaCC 7.0.10 normal 3 years simon04
#20920 JEP 247: Compile for Older Platform Versions (javac --release 8) normal 3 years simon04 javac
#20902 [Patch] Warn about solo layer and level tags normal 3 years skyper template_report only tag
#20880 History browser: show color gutter based on timestamp normal 7 months simon04 history gutter colorscale intellij
#20840 [patch] [rfe] Expert option to turn off relation outlines in wireframe mode normal 3 years Adrian template_report wireframe
#20830 Reduce heap size of by 8 bytes normal 3 years simon04 heap profiling intellij yourkit
#20829 Reduce heap allocations normal 3 years simon04 profiling heap alloc intellij yourkit
#20823 [patch] Reject uploads that do not follow either comment policy or source policy normal 2 years ljdelight upload comment source policy terms
#20813 Modernize org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.layer.geoimage.ImageDisplay normal 3 years simon04 heap profiling intellij yourkit
#20793 [Patch] Reduce memory consumption for GpxExtensionCollection normal 3 years Bjoeni gpx extension heap
#20785 Improve Status Report when locale "Arabic(Saudi Arabia)" is used normal 3 years GerdP
#20768 OpenStreetMap OAuth2 support major 15 months taylor.smock oauth, oauth2, openstreetmap, website, ex-longterm
#20755 Save Session: User notification about successful save normal 3 years skyper template_report save session notification
#20751 Add MapCSS function `mod` (modulo) normal 3 years simon04 mapcss
#20750 Explain * and ∅ in Layer info window normal 3 years Klumbumbus
#20745 Reduce heap allocations (while rendering/validating) normal 3 years simon04 profiling heap alloc intellij yourkit
#20744 Evaluate MapCSS expression without array creation normal 3 years simon04 mapcss reflection lambda java8
#20742 [PATCH] No warning about barrier with inappropriate access tags on highway normal 3 years skyper template_report highway barrier access
#20741 [patch] Code improvements minor 3 years gaben
#20737 Scale photo.svg in source to smaller size. trivial 3 years skyper icon photo size
#20732 Migrate to java.awt.Polygon normal 3 years simon04 template_report heap profiling intellij yourkit
#20729 Improve validation with data filters enabled normal 3 years ljdelight filter
#20720 [Patch] Filtering in plugins list in preferences is slow minor 3 years ygramul template_report
#20716 [PATCH][RFC] Search for missing power line support features normal 21 months gaben power line segment
#20708 Re-organize the upload dialog normal 3 years simon04 upload dialog
#20706 [PATCH] Enable text antialiasing for more systems minor 3 years nvarner
#20678 History Browser: Option to reset coordinates of a node to previous versions normal 3 years skyper template_report history browser node reset coordinates
#20660 Support load imagery by id instead of only URL normal 3 years wille imagery, remotecontrol
#20659 Add contrast/gamma/... on image viewer normal 3 years StephaneP image, filters
#20652 Preferences: Update context-sensitive help page links to new structure normal 2 years skyper context-sensitive help preferences
#20647 Add --status-report command line argument normal 3 years simon04
#20637 [Patch] Detection of role=* normal 3 years JsfasdF252 template_report role
#20633 [Patch]Download object: Too slow when downloading a relation with members with OSM api normal 3 years GerdP template_report performance
#20627 Update to xz 0.19 normal 3 years simon04 xz compression performance
#20626 Update to OpeningHoursParser 0.23.2 normal 3 years simon04 opening_hours
#20624 keyboard shortcut to copy url to osm element in clipboard normal 3 years StephaneP shortcut, url, clipboard
#20613 Reduce heap allocations (while rendering) normal 2 years simon04 template_report profiling heap alloc
#20610 WMTS/WMS code deduplication normal 3 years Don-vip wms wmts projection
#20600 [Patch] Color NMEA and GPX files by "fix" value normal 2 years pyrog NMEA GPX Fix RTK color
#20583 Filter notes in notes dialog normal 3 years mrgenie@… Feature Notes filter
#20581 [PATCH] Don't warn for craft=printer normal 3 years JeroenHoek craft printer
#20571 role entry fields should automatically remove leading/trailing spaces normal 3 years anonymous relation role
#20554 [Patch] OpenStreetCam plugin renaming normal 3 years jBeata openstreetcam kartaview plugin
#20539 Deprecate car in favor of motorcar normal 17 months Famlam template_report car motorcar
#20535 URL entry fields should automatically remove leading/trailing spaces or newlines normal 3 years Sinus Pi template_report
#20531 Deprecate pump:type and man_made=pumping_rig normal 3 years francois.lacombe pump mechanism
#20522 Add compatibility with Java 17 normal 2 years Don-vip java17
#20514 [Patch]Possible poor performance when validating selection normal 3 years GerdP template_report performance
#20493 Contribute to changeset discussion directly in JOSM normal 3 years habi template_report changeset discussion comment
#20467 [Patch] Show landuse type in relation menu normal 3 years mkoniecz template_report
#20455 Raise "Unclosed way - landuse" warnings to errors normal 3 years mkoniecz template_report
#20442 [PATCH] Normal highway=traffic_signals on junction=roundabout is never correct normal 3 years mkoniecz template_report
#20438 Validator: warn about zoo without tourism=zoo normal 3 years Famlam template_report zoo tourism
#20434 Convert building:roof:shape to roof:shape [PATCH] normal 3 years mkoniecz template_report
#20432 Additional panel context menu item: Download complete relation normal 3 years skyper template_report download full relation
#20405 [Patch] History browser for complex relations requires lots of memory normal 5 months GerdP template_report history performance
#20393 Duplicate message for closed way with area=yes normal 3 years GerdP template_report
#20392 Add validator rule for shoulder normal 3 years anonymous template_report
#20363 [PATCH] Extract necessary method for QuadBuckets into separate interface normal 3 years taylor.smock
#20360 [Patch] Splash screen: Automatically focus beginning of line minor 3 years skyper template_report startup splash screen
#20353 Not quite fitting translation for craft=locksmith in German trivial 3 years daganzdaanda i18n
#20341 [Patch] Support more image formats normal 3 years Bjoeni java11
#20337 False positive: [dog:conditional] minor 3 years AnkEric conditional dog
#20310 [Patch] ImageImporter should understand web URL's normal 3 years taylor.smock
#20244 Deemphasize oauth on login screen normal 3 years mkoniecz template_report oauth wizard authorization authentication login
#20233 Session: export/import (gpx/marker) layer color normal 3 years ra@… project color joz transparency markers
#20193 transformer key should only be used on nodes normal 4 years francois.lacombe power, transformer
#20174 Exclude administrative borders, especially national administrative borders from "very long segment" normal 4 years mkoniecz template_report long segment boundary
#20167 [patch] Improve code readability by replacing indexed loops with foreach minor 3 years gaben
#20129 [patch] Fix typos and misspellings in the code minor 4 years gaben typo
#20119 Warning for kerbs with tags smoothness normal 4 years LorenzoStucchi kerb smoothness combinations
#20117 Add more street abbreviations to highway.mapcss normal 4 years anonymous highway.mapcss abbreviation
#20101 Rotate & scale tool: show angle or scale factor in status bar normal 3 years Squizie3 template_report status_bar measurement rotate scale tool
#20048 Make window "Automatic tag correction" resizeable normal 3 years anonymous dialog resize
#20047 Relation editor: Harmonize F1 function (linking to osm wiki pages) normal 3 years anonymous relation editor tag shortcut
#20039 Add 'import_uuid' & 'gnis:import_uuid' to discardable tag list normal 3 years tguen discardable import uuid
#20038 Autofix in RightAngleBuildingTest should be removed normal 4 years GerdP right angle building
#20019 Warn about direction=forward/backward on invalid nodes. normal 3 years skyper template_report direction node
#19997 [Patch] Disable MapPaint style submenu for empty settings normal 4 years jBeata MapPaint, sub-menu
#19983 Add cmd+shift+/ hotkey to macos for menu search minor 4 years TrickyFoxy macosx search
#19981 Warn about closed power=line way normal 4 years Klumbumbus
#19980 Warn about highway=livingstreet together with maxspeed>20km/h normal 4 years Klumbumbus
#19976 Replace default SWEREF entry "SWEREF99 13 30" in the projection method list normal 4 years riiga_92@… template_report projection sweden
#19966 Create Multipolygon blocks JOSM normal 4 years skyper template_report create multipolygon
#19962 Update to metadata-extractor 2.15.0 normal 4 years simon04 xmp dependency-update
#19945 Update to JavaCC 7.0.9 normal 4 years simon04 mapcss
#19939 [RFC] [Patch] Replace ParentRelationLoadingTask by DownloadReferrersTask normal 4 years GerdP
#19918 Fix fixme request [patch] trivial 4 years gaben
#19903 [PATCH] Add space to title of filter dialog trivial 4 years hiddewie
#19898 [Patch] Performance improvements for DatasetMerger normal 4 years GerdP performance
#19881 [Patch] Poor performance in delete action normal 4 years GerdP template_report performance
#19879 Update to OpeningHoursParser 0.22.1 normal 4 years simon04 opening_hours
#19877 [patch] Warn on emergency=defibrillator on way normal 4 years nlehuby
#19872 Cannot access HTTPS Dutch WMTS servers anymore after switching to different root CA normal 14 months SanderH template_report netherlands certificate
#19857 Location awareness for WMS endpoint normal 3 years nkamapper wms
#19850 Add possibility to add a shortcut for more actions and toggle dialogs normal 4 years Klumbumbus
#19836 Add keyboard shortcut for DownloadOsmInViewAction normal 4 years kebisi
#19835 cuisine=bbq should be corrected to barbecue normal 4 years ferdi
#19821 Allow oneway on leisure=track normal 4 years Famlam oneway track
#19820 Add icons for different offline modes normal 4 years Klumbumbus icon
#19808 Add icon for taghistory normal 4 years Klumbumbus
#19786 Add missing icons to View menu normal 4 years Klumbumbus
#19752 [Patch] StyleCache.intern: use HashMap instead of Storage normal 4 years simon04 yourkit performance intern hashmap
#19751 [Patch] MapImage.rescale: use original SVG instead of rastered version normal 4 years simon04
#19747 Add railway=rail electrification checks normal 4 years gaben
#19745 [Patch] Preferences: add quick filter for styles/presets/rules normal 4 years simon04
#19742 Warn about much likely wrong direction tag on highway=mini_roundabout normal 4 years Klumbumbus
#19733 GettingStarted: take blue link color from JOSM logo minor 4 years simon04 logo blue color css
#19732 Preferences: open previously selected preference tab normal 4 years simon04
#19731 Imagery providers: move reload button next to activate button minor 4 years simon04
#19726 Reconsider/unify icons for osm object types normal 4 years Klumbumbus icon
#19725 ImageProvider/ImageResource: extract size computation code normal 4 years simon04 refactoring imagesize padded bounded
#19724 Add compatibility with Java 16 normal 3 years simon04 java16
#19717 DefaultNameFormatter: add missing U+202C POP DIRECTIONAL FORMATTING normal 4 years simon04
#19706 Selection/Relation list: render primitive icons in HiDPI normal 4 years simon04 hidpi
#19705 StyledMapRenderer: render turn restrictions in HiDPI normal 4 years simon04 hidpi
#19704 [Patch] DateUtils: sychronization is no longer needed thanks to JSR 310 normal 4 years simon04 java8 jsr310 performance timestamp
#19699 Download dialog: add icons to source checkboxes normal 4 years simon04
#19698 Refactoring: make private fields final minor 4 years simon04 intellij refactoring
#19696 Status Report: add relative timestamp to last errors/warnings normal 4 years simon04
#19692 Zoom mode: zoom in/out depending on rectangle normal 4 years simon04 zoom mode
#19681 JCS: update to jcs3-3.0 normal 4 years simon04 jcs ivy snapshot
#19669 Add help button to some dialogs minor 4 years simon04
#19660 "Area is unnecessary for leisure" warning with free flying field normal 4 years surveyorgirl template_report area leisure free_flying
#19647 [PATCH] Exclude all but ways with highway=* from test normal 3 years skyper template_report lanes-tagging performance
#19645 Add a search icon to search boxes of lists normal 3 years Klumbumbus
#19632 [PATCH] Try to convert keys to json values prior to saving normal 4 years taylor.smock
#19604 Validator: warn when name equals alt_name normal 4 years Famlam name alt_name
#19603 [Patch] footway=* instead of sidewalk=* on roads normal 4 years Famlam footway sidewalk
#19597 validator is very slow when validating a complete complex multipolygon normal 4 years GerdP template_report multipolygon performance
#19583 [patch] unused icons active-pressed and eye-pressed normal 4 years Klumbumbus template_report
#19579 Exclude numeric values from value in preset check normal 4 years skyper template_report numeric values preset
#19577 Lots of identical info messages for gpx track without timestamps minor 4 years GerdP template_report
#19574 [PATCH] Add a color setting for MapCSS normal 4 years taylor.smock
#19572 [patch] Complain about nodes with lanes=* normal 4 years anonymous lanes node
#19554 Tagging presets: Icons for all preset input boxes normal 3 years skyper template_report tagging preset icon text combo multiselect
#19544 Warn about building overlapping with building:part normal 3 years Klumbumbus
#19536 Warn about names which are numbers normal 4 years Klumbumbus
#19527 Download Dialog: Bounding Box: Add a string of coordinates to copy into buffer normal 3 years skyper template_report download dialog bbox copy coordinates clipboard
#19510 Add "Zoom to layer" in context menu of layers in the Layers panel normal 4 years matthijs template_report zoom layer
#19465 Make "Overlapping ways" less aggressive normal 4 years mkoniecz template_report overlap way area:highway
#19464 Consider reducing priority of credit card validator warning (payment tags) [PATCH] normal 3 years mkoniecz template_report credit_cards
#19437 Warn before opening too many urls normal 4 years skyper template_report history advanced info web warning
#19419 [Patch] Warn about multiple access values normal 3 years skyper template_report access multiple values
#19407 [RFC PATCH] Catch throwable in sequence command and add more data normal 4 years taylor.smock
#19406 InspectPrimitiveDialog: display length and area normal 4 years simon04 measurement inspect
#19400 Generate OpenAPI specification normal 4 years simon04 openapi documentaiton
#19396 warn about stream=intermittent normal 4 years Klumbumbus
#19393 Warn when addr:interpolation way has end nodes without addr:housenumber normal 4 years GerdP template_report
#19381 Warn users about making changesets with unreasonably large bounding boxes normal 4 years mkoniecz template_report upload changeset warning
#19376 Offer an option to disable the right-click menu normal 4 years SomeoneElse2
#19375 [Patch] Avoid to download changesets contents twice normal 4 years GerdP performance download
#19374 Relation editor: Option to hide tagging preset links normal 4 years skyper template_report relation editor preset link
#19369 Improve TaginfoAction normal 4 years simon04 taginfo
#19367 History browser: do not reset UI after (re)loading of history normal 4 years simon04 template_report history reset reload
#19366 [PATCH] Add filter box for Color Preferences normal 4 years taylor.smock
#19364 /imagery: support all imagery options normal 4 years simon04
#19360 [PATCH] Calculating default zoom offset should use existing code infrastructure for HiDPI normal 4 years johsin18
#19357 MapPaintStylesUpdateListener: fix typo minor 4 years simon04 refactoring typo
#19356 Deduplicate ImageryBounds normal 4 years simon04 bounds intern deduplicate yourkit
#19354 UndoRedoHandler.getUndoCommands: return unmodifiable list normal 4 years simon04 refactoring
#19349 Swaziland changed name to Eswatini trivial 4 years Don-vip Swaziland Eswatini
#19346 Automatically select newly created multipolygons normal 4 years tomasmarklund create multipolygon selection
#19343 Report commands involving way/node when reporting DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted node referenced normal 4 years simon04
#19330 History browser: Add semantic check to select in table instead of the whole row the same object on both sides. normal 4 years skyper template_report history browser children table select
#19320 add link to normal 4 years Klumbumbus template_report
#19312 detect circular dependencies in relations normal 4 years GerdP
#19310 [PATCH] DownloadDialog should have a method to add/remove listeners for changing download selections normal 4 years taylor.smock
#19292 Selection List: Option to not sort the objects but show the real order of selection normal 3 years skyper template_report selection list order
#19285 [Patch] Ctrl+C (Copy) should keep the order of selection normal 4 years GerdP
#19282 [PATCH] Add documentation from wiki to Presets XSD minor 4 years hiddewie schema xsd presets documentation
#19281 [PATCH] Use Objects.hash where it is not used trivial 4 years hiddewie refactoring
#19275 [Patch] Relation list panel: Direct option for history viewer normal 4 years skyper template_report relation list history
#19274 warn about descriptive name library normal 4 years josm.sanspourriel wikidata, descriptive name
#19268 Relation editor: No option to save a new created relation but closing the relation editor normal 3 years skyper template_report relation editor save new
#19260 [Patch] Show menu on right-click in History of relation members normal 4 years GerdP
#19257 reduce number of ShowHistoryAction implementations normal 4 years GerdP history
#19255 History browser: add "position/index of member" column normal 4 years simon04 history browser rownumber index position
#19254 History browser: double click relation member table to open history of member normal 4 years simon04 history browser
#19253 History browser: highlight selected relation member row normal 4 years simon04 history browser table row
#19248 User should be able to override offline mode for one action normal 4 years simon04 network offline override
#19247 MenuItemSearchDialog: initialize imagery menu normal 4 years simon04
#19237 Add more icons to text box context menu trivial 4 years skyper template_report text box context menu icon
#19227 Speed up scrolling in plugin list trivial 4 years gaben plugins scrolling
#19219 [Patch] Save session: Sessions without data layer should always be savable as .jos normal 2 years skyper template_report session file extension
#19197 [RFC PATCH] Check if a pref could be converted to a color instead of a string normal 4 years taylor.smock
#19196 [PATCH] Don't require a restart when a MapPaint color is changed normal 4 years taylor.smock
#19181 [Patch] Preference "Draw. Direction Arrows" looks ugly when zoomed out normal 4 years GerdP
#19180 false positives from tagchecker with single letter differences normal 3 years GerdP tagchecker single letter
#19176 Update OSMCha URL normal 4 years simon04
#19163 [Patch] Updates for tests on units normal 4 years skyper template_report unit
#19161 History browser: relation member table lacks reversed diff incidator normal 4 years OttawaHiking history; versions; members, comparison
#19147 Add Persian language normal 4 years Claudius
#19127 Jump to Position: jump to place name normal 4 years simon04
#19121 [Patch] JosmAction.checkAndConfirmOutlyingOperation() should also handle dataset without download area normal 4 years GerdP
#19117 Ant: improve build normal 4 years simon04 ant dependencies
#19113 Use JCS class instead of CompositeCacheManager normal 4 years simon04 jcs cache
#19099 Limited Nominatim search results normal 4 years alexriabtsev namefinder
#19094 [Patch] Warning about "placement:forward/backward=transition" normal 4 years skyper lanes-tagging placement transition
#19089 Avoid multiple notifications with the same text (e.g. when unglueing) minor 4 years AnkEric notification
#19078 Presets: validate user input (w.r.t. regexp/validator) normal 3 years simon04 presets input validation regexp
#19075 Presets: add popup menu to keys normal 4 years simon04 taginfo presets wiki
#19074 TagInfoExtract: include optional tags of presets normal 3 years simon04 taginfo presets
#19070 SearchCompiler: regexp comparison using <tilde> normal 4 years simon04 search regex
#19056 [PATCH] Add method for simpler SequenceCommands normal 4 years taylor.smock command
#19048 Validate the opening_hours syntax on the opening_hours:covid19 tag normal 13 months francois2
#19042 Unglue should be smarter when deciding which way is to change normal 4 years GerdP unglue
#19026 [PATCH] The imagery preferences code should be more generic normal 4 years taylor.smock imagery, plugin, preferences
#19022 Tagging presets: More flexible "preset_link" normal 4 years skyper template_report tagging preset link
#19021 Never hide presets menu normal 4 years skyper template_report preset menu
#19018 [Patch] Flag combination of major highway type (trunk .. residential) and crossing=* normal 4 years GerdP
#19012 Tagging presets: Possibility to set "match" negative normal 3 years skyper template_report tagging preset match false
#19010 [Patch] Test for "cycleway/sidewalk" in combination with "cycleway/sidewalk:left/right" normal 4 years skyper template_report cycleway sidewalk left right
#18979 Improve display of PrimitiveIds normal 4 years GerdP undelete
#18975 Save position of 'close note' panel normal 4 years jbcorbeille-temp3@… template_report remember window geometry
#18969 Improve performance of validator checks normal 4 years GerdP performance
#18964 [Patch] MapCSS rules using index are slow minor 4 years GerdP validator mapcss performance
#18962 Introduce DataSet.update normal 4 years Don-vip
#18961 [Patch] ColorHelper: harmonize color functions minor 4 years simon04
#18951 deprecate water=riverbank in favor of water=river normal 4 years Klumbumbus
#18949 [TaggingPreset] Make templates available for formatting key values, like for item names normal 3 years KorneySan preset, template_for_key_value, name_template
#18948 Get rid of Google Guava in tests normal 4 years simon04 tests dependencies guava
#18943 Download along dialogues miss caption for data types minor 4 years Hb--- template_report download along
#18937 water area inside water area normal 4 years Geimas5 water
#18919 Allow sorting of table content in changeset manager to facilitate finding related rows normal 4 years schoschi template_report changeset manager content tab column
#18918 pressing CTRL+H in changeset manager does not trigger history minor 4 years schoschi template_report changeset manager shortcut history
#18909 [PATCH] UniqueIdGenerator.generateUniqueId() should be public normal 4 years taylor.smock unique id
#18907 [Patch] Initialize Territories+RightAndLefthandTraffic together, remove "Edit boundaries", save memory normal 4 years simon04 performance heap yourkit
#18899 option to specify the strictness of OpeningHoursParser normal 4 years skyper template_report opening_hours
#18896 ImageryInfo: refactor/simplify/improve normal 4 years simon04 yourkit performance
#18886 OsmReader: refactor/simplify/improve normal 4 years simon04 yourkit performance
#18885 AdvancedChangesetQueryPanel: select checkbox/radio-button when clicking its label normal 4 years simon04
#18883 InspectPrimitiveDialog: improve mapstyle summary minor 4 years simon04 i18n inspect mappaint mapcss
#18870 [Patch] Suppress multiple requests dialog for only one server request in DownloadAlong minor 4 years Hb--- i18n download along
#18866 [PATCH] Remove Potlatch2 mappaint style from core normal 6 months Stereo svg icon potlatch2
#18864 TaggingPreset: refactor/simplify/improve normal 4 years simon04 yourkit performance presets
#18856 arabic language major 3 years aat765 arabic i18n
#18852 [PATCH] GpxReader nullability detection (Sonar) trivial 4 years hiddewie gpx
#18845 reorganization of data(_nodist), images(_nodist), styles(_nodist), IDE and native files in a more practical file tree major 4 years simon04 repository resources
#18830 Remove PreferencesUtils#readPrefsFromJS due to Nashorn removal normal 4 years simon04 javascript nashorn java15
#18829 exclude opening_hours:kitchen from preset value test normal 4 years skyper template_report preset value opening_hours
#18821 Improve translationability of taginfo string normal 4 years Klumbumbus i18n
#18819 Deprecate exit_to=* in favor of destination=* normal 4 years Klumbumbus
#18817 Warn about placing a surface marker as member of underground pipeline or cable normal 4 years francois.lacombe pipeline,cable,markers,utility,underground
#18810 Validator dialog should show the test that produced the message normal 4 years GerdP
#18802 MapCSS: refactor/simplify/improve normal 4 years simon04 mapcss yourkit performance
#18801 [PATCH RFC] Allow layers to determine autosave functionality normal 4 years taylor.smock autosave
#18761 Obtain source from current layers: "gpx" does not - always - imply "survey" trivial 4 years AnkEric gpx source survey changeset
#18755 Add compatibility with Java 15 normal 3 years Don-vip java15
#18752 Remove i18n from debug logging strings? minor 4 years simon04 i18n debug logging
#18749 Fix issues reported by Heap Hero normal 4 years simon04 memory heap intern heaphero svg svgsalamander
#18741 [Patch] Tag checker: report codepoint of unusual Unicode character normal 4 years simon04
#18731 [PATCH] There should be a method to search for all primitives inside a bbox normal 4 years taylor.smock
#18730 [PATCH] BBox should allow adding a latlon with some extra space normal 4 years taylor.smock
#18729 support regional taginfo instances from Geofabrik normal 4 years Don-vip taginfo geofabrik
#18728 [patch WIP] Join overlapping Areas is slow when combining many complex ways normal 4 years GerdP
#18726 Use {apikey} everywhere normal 6 months Don-vip api key apikey mapkey
#18723 Use for Utils.getJavaLatestVersion normal 4 years simon04 remote privacy
#18721 Overwrite key - Windows's layout [patch] normal 4 years StephaneP
#18720 Automatically enable "Tile zoom offset" on macOS in HiDPI mode in Java 9+ normal 4 years Stereo template_report macOS hidpi tile zoom offset
#18711 Bold Font for Tab Subtitles in Preferences Dialog GUI minor 4 years Hb--- preferences
#18703 Scroll through TabPreferenceSetting using mouse wheel normal 4 years simon04
#18702 [Patch] DrawingPreference: swap "OSM Data" with "GPS Points" minor 4 years simon04
#18701 [Patch] Simplify MultiFetchServerObjectReader implementation minor 4 years simon04
#18699 Spelling and Specification request: "Automatically obtain source from current layers" trivial 4 years AnkEric upload changeset source
#18692 Show Duplicate relation in context menu normal 4 years hiddewie relation toggle dialog duplicate context menu
#18679 [Patch {in progress, awaiting feedback}] Autofilter: extract numeric value from number+unit normal 4 years simon04 autofilter
#18677 Add "download" and "locked" status to osm data layer info trivial 4 years skyper template_report data layer info status
#18674 Add missing name of New York to data/boundaries.osm normal 4 years ent8r boundaries
#18654 [Patch] Separate unique identifiers per primitive type normal 4 years Don-vip
#18653 Update EU boundaries after Brexit normal 4 years Don-vip brexit united kingdom europe
#18649 imagery menu: Do not create category with only one entry normal 4 years skyper template_report imagery category
#18643 Improve i18n strings with undistinguished singular/plural form minor 4 years simon04 i18n
#18639 [Patch] Update to overpass-wizard 0.0.9 normal 4 years simon04 overpass wizard
#18638 [PATCH] There should be a method to cycle through layers normal 4 years taylor.smock layer, cycle
#18628 [Patch] Autofilter: display active rule/key normal 4 years simon04 autofilter
#18619 [Patch] Upload dialog: add border, reorder summary minor 4 years simon04 upload
#18612 building=unclassified/unidentified/undefined/unknown/true/Y/* to building=yes autofix minor 4 years mkoniecz template_report
#18605 Add deprecation for building:height => height minor 4 years mkoniecz template_report building height
#18603 Add deprecation for bicycle:oneway => oneway:bicycle normal 4 years mkoniecz template_report oneway bicycle
#18598 CopyKeyValueAction: count values going to be copied minor 4 years simon04
#18590 [PATCH] AddressesTest should split addresses on common delimiters (`,` and `;`) normal 4 years taylor.smock addresses
#18586 Invert selection normal 4 years densyakun1128@… selection invert
#18577 [Patch] Update opening_hours.js normal 4 years simon04 opening_hours
#18572 Bicycle routes wrong warning normal 4 years Dardy
#18571 unnamed=yes -> noname=yes normal 4 years mkoniecz template_report
#18561 [PATCH] Geometry.filterInsidePolygon should take a `Collection` instead of a `List` and there should be a generic version that takes multipolygons or polygons normal 4 years taylor.smock
#18552 Add validation rules for French telecom references normal 4 years francois.lacombe telecom france references fibre
#18550 don't warn about bollard=unremovable looks like bollard=removable normal 4 years Hanikatu bollard unremovable
#18546 Validator: "Relation type is unknown", please allow more types of route relations normal 4 years s8evq type route
#18540 Validator toggle dialog: use special icons for closed ways minor 4 years skyper template_report closed way icon dialog
#18530 upload dialog: support validator and notes layers as source tag normal 4 years skyper template_report upload changeset source
#18521 Update shortcuts parsing script normal 4 years Don-vip
#18514 hide all changeset action and dialog in "normal" view mode normal 4 years skyper template_report changeset expert mode
#18510 Add icons to move up/down/left/right actions to save horizontal space in toolbar minor 4 years sol_nav7182379128@… toolbar icon
#18509 [Patch] Display colors in layer manager normal 4 years Bjoeni gpx
#18505 Detect highway=crossing without crossing=* normal 4 years skyper template_report crossing island
#18504 [PATCH] Tasking Manager 4 is changing the `gpx` url normal 4 years taylor.smock gpx, tasking manager
#18503 Show continuity line next to sub route relations members of route relations normal 4 years Polyglot route relations segment tagging
#18494 [RFC PATCH] GPX layers should use the name from the file instead of `Downloaded GPX Data` whenever possible normal 4 years taylor.smock gpx
#18485 don't warn about man_made=maypole looks like man_made=manhole normal 4 years Hanikatu template_report man_made maypole
#18477 Split Way: smart way selection for highway/railway/waterway normal 4 years mkoniecz template_report
#18472 Add operator:wikidata and operator:wikipedia to ignored tags minor 4 years mkoniecz template_report wikipedia wikidata
#18471 warn about segregated=no and sidewalk=left/right/both normal 4 years Famlam sidewalk segregated
#18469 Deprecate landuse=churchyard normal 4 years mkoniecz template_report landuse churchyard religious
#18468 [Patch] Text Rotation in MapCSS normal 4 years BrackoNe text;rotation;style
#18455 Warn about main tag with incorrect object type (steps) normal 4 years skyper template_report object type presets
#18441 [PATCH] Allow plugins to remove a test they added normal 4 years taylor.smock restart, plugin
#18440 Heads up: Maxar implementing new anti-scraping techniques normal 4 years Stereo maxar api key
#18436 [PATCH RFC] There should be a method to know when a DataSet's DataSources change normal 4 years taylor.smock datasource, download
#18431 Advanced Preference to disable falling stars minor 6 months ika-chan!
#18429 [RFC PATCH] Allow users to automatically get the source tags normal 4 years taylor.smock upload changeset source
#18428 [PATCH] Add `rapid` as a plugin that has been replaced by another plugin minor 4 years taylor.smock plugin, mapwithai, replace, rapid i18n
#18411 complain about railway=construction without construction tag normal 4 years mkoniecz template_report railway construction
#18408 [PATCH] There should be a method to trim lists of strings normal 5 years taylor.smock mapcss
#18401 Advanced option to disable autocomplete minor 5 years naoliv
#18397 [PATCH] Provide more helpful error message when loading an invalid gpx file normal 3 years GerdP template_report gpx
#18381 [PATCH] Don't require a restart when a Tagging Preset is added/removed normal 4 years taylor.smock restart, preset
#18374 warn if collection_times is used instead of opening_hours on amenity=recycling normal 22 months Klumbumbus
#18358 [PATCH] DownloadDialog should allow plugins the ability to remove a download source they added normal 5 years taylor.smock restart, plugin
#18340 [RFC PATCH] Allow additional sources of data to be downloaded at the same time as OpenStreetMap data sources normal 4 years taylor.smock download
#18334 Validator error for manhole=plain normal 5 years pyrog template_report
#18302 support national taginfo instances normal 4 years Klumbumbus taginfo
#18297 Invalidate natural=water with no other tags normal 5 years pangoSE natural water
#18285 Add Marathi language normal 5 years stoecker i18n india
#18284 Add name:sr-Latn (Serbian name in Latin alphabet) to recognised language codes normal 5 years Stereo template_report i18n
#18283 [PATCH] JOSM Remote Control handlers made by third parties should be able to register a preference normal 5 years taylor.smock plugin
#18277 [RFC PATCH] Allow plugins to implement Destroyable if they want to allow restartless updates/removals normal 5 years taylor.smock plugin, update
#18274 [RFC PATCH] BBox should have a method to determine functional equivalency normal 5 years taylor.smock bbox
#18266 Warn about multiple values in telecom:medium normal 4 years francois.lacombe telecom
#18258 [RFC PATCH] Allow end user to know what the original id of a feature was normal 17 months taylor.smock split way, original id
#18251 Add validator auto-fix to replace URL-encoded characters and underscores in wikipedia:lang=* tags normal 5 years pyrog template_report wikipedia
#18249 [PATCH RFC] Allow unknown xml attributes to be added as a tag normal 5 years taylor.smock
#18246 complain about highway=construction without construction tag normal 5 years mkoniecz template_report
#18232 remove Test.compareTo() and more normal 3 years GerdP sort
#18228 Test 'Unconnected highways' is very slow when long barrier is involved normal 5 years GerdP template_report, performance
#18217 [PATCH] Complain about area=yes on major roads (like highway=primary area=yes) normal 3 years mkoniecz template_report area highway
#18216 Adapt 'Merge' button text to 'Merge layer' and 'Merge selection' actions minor 5 years nevw merge button text
#18203 warn about construction=primary|secondary|... without highway=construction normal 4 years Klumbumbus template_report
#18183 foot=use_sidepath on a cycleway, validation problem, segregated normal 5 years Allroads use_sidepath foot cycleway
#18172 Add new imagery categories "elevation" and "qa" normal 4 years simon04 terrain elevation category qa
#18168 accept disused:boundary as a valid boundary tag normal 4 years ferdi relation boundary disused lifecycle
#18164 Migrate OverpassTurboQueryWizard to Java or something else normal 3 years simon04 overpass javascript nashorn sotm19 java15
#18162 Disable various updates using --offline=CACHE_UPDATES normal 4 years simon04 sotm19 offline
#18160 [PATCH] Ask layers for source, don't hardcode source for layer types normal 5 years taylor.smock upload, source
#18152 Convert recycling:metal to recycling:scrap_metal normal 4 years mkoniecz template_report recycling scrap metal
#18151 amenity=recycling without recycling:*=yes tag should trigger request to add data minor 5 years mkoniecz template_report amenity recycling
#18147 Better sort restriction relations normal 5 years naoliv relation member sort order from via to restriction
#18144 Improve performance when deleting a large number of relations normal 5 years naoliv performance relation
#18140 Switch to OpeningHoursParser normal 4 years Don-vip opening_hours nashorn sotm19 java15
#18138 [PATCH] Validator rules for connectivity relations normal 4 years Traaker_L connectivity, validator, lanes
#18127 [WIP PATCH] Catch impossible angles in highways normal 4 years taylor.smock angle
#18124 [PATCH] ConditionalKeys test should have additional transport modes normal 5 years taylor.smock access
#18119 [Patch] Deselect and remove multiple images in the ImageViewerDialog normal 5 years francois2
#18116 DownloadAlong should not downloaded data in already downloaded areas normal 5 years stoecker download along
#18107 Enable copying in the Changeset Management Dialog Box normal 4 years anonymous changeset copy clipboard transferable
#18105 Show a notification if no notes can be downloaded minor 5 years anonymous download
#18095 provide a way to easily change mappaint font size normal 4 years richlv font size settings
#18085 [PATCH] Add method to get unique values in mapcss normal 5 years taylor.smock mapcss
#18060 throw a warning for nodes with cycleway=crossing normal 5 years francians cycleway crossing node validator
#18057 [PATCH] There should be a method to get keys by regex for comparison functions normal 5 years taylor.smock
#18050 /Tools/DownloadAlong ... download as new layer normal 5 years nevw DownloadAlong
#18047 junction=circular should sort like junction=roundabout in routes normal 5 years johnparis relation sort juction circular
#18038 [PATCH] Arbitrary changeset tags should be able to be added via remote control normal 5 years taylor.smock changeset tag
#18026 Relation member conflict: render decision as radio buttons instead of drop menus normal 4 years Wulfmorn way merge conflict
#18020 Should not show way directions for some kind of relations normal 4 years naoliv relation direction boundary
#18012 [PATCH] Using original gpx name on spliting gpx to new layers normal 5 years iman gpx split tracks name
#18009 [PATCH] Logo update normal 4 years Diamond00744 logo logotype icon
#18007 warn about access=public normal 5 years Klumbumbus
#18003 Warn about bridge_name normal 5 years naoliv
#17997 Required values: warns about generator:source, generator:method or generator:type without power=generator normal 5 years francois.lacombe required power generator dataitems tag missing
#17995 [PATCH] Add sort method for mapcss normal 5 years taylor.smock mapcss sort
#17990 convert roof:shape=half_hipped to roof:shape=half-hipped normal 5 years mkoniecz template_report
#17979 data layer info: additional own numbers for incomplete objects normal 5 years skyper template_report data layer info incomplete
#17973 warn if foot/cycle way is missing segregated=* normal 5 years Klumbumbus
#17967 Complain about highway=cycleway cycleway=track normal 5 years mkoniecz template_report
#17952 relation manager: adjust focus in member tab when removing selected members normal 4 years skyper template_report relation manager delete
#17931 [PATCH] Don't break connectivity relations when ways are split normal 4 years taylor.smock relation connectivity split
#17885 Add a MapCSS function that returns object timestamp normal 5 years Don-vip mapcss timestamp metadata sotmfr2019
#17871 Update data: do not zoom to download area normal 5 years skyper template_report update data download zoom
#17861 Refactor of HTTP client to support HTTP/2 in a new plugin requiring Java 11 normal 5 years Don-vip http java11
#17848 Display IPTC keywords (+caption, headline, object name) for Geotagged images from EXIF metadata normal 5 years pyrog sotmfr2019 exif iptc keyword
#17845 [PATCH] There should be a method to check for roles in relations normal 5 years taylor.smock mapcss validator relation role member
#17844 validation: maxspeed on nodes normal 5 years josm.sanspourriel
#17836 Download along several gpx tracks at once normal 4 years skyper download_along gpx
#17829 RTKLib Positioning Solution File (.pos) import normal 3 years StephaneP RTKlib, Positioning Solution File, pos, sotmfr2019
#17827 Add compatibility with Java 14 normal 4 years Don-vip java14
#17823 Centimeter resolution for length mesurement minor 5 years StephaneP lenght sotmfr2019
#17819 Improve performance when loading or validating complex multipolygon relation normal 5 years GerdP multipolygon performance
#17786 Complain about misusing building key to describe building state (building=damaged, building=collapsed) normal 5 years mkoniecz template_report
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