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#21445 Jenkins hangs again? Core 4 days ago
#7120 Check: Railway end node near other railway Core validator 9 days ago
#2693 Setting to disable unitentional moving of complete ways Core 3 months ago
#67 [patch/plugin] Help with drawing parallel ways Core 3 months ago
#6166 Relation-Editor: sorting of routes does not work properly if both ends are dual-carriageways. Core 6 months ago
#19268 Relation editor: No option to save a new created relation but closing the relation editor Core 6 months ago
#19807 At the second data-upload: comment- and source-text will not be updated Core 7 months ago
#10572 Not uploading deleted nodes Core 10 months ago
#18112 macos: keyboard shortcut does not copy relation Core shortcuts 10 months ago
#20213 Command stack: Edits in relation editor are listed in wrong stack and lead to exception. Core 10 months ago
#7170 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset Core 10 months ago
#9176 Relation editor: Applying a preset while editing tags can create empty tags (subsequently ignored) Core 10 months ago
#11758 Plugin system has no protection against man in the middle attacks and similar Core 10 months ago
#19983 Add cmd+shift+/ hotkey to macos for menu search Core shortcuts 11 months ago
#2746 Can Validator pick up paths connected to land use boundaries ? Core validator 11 months ago
#11098 Merging layers: Problem with undeleted way Core 11 months ago
#20072 Could not parse WMS layer list - Premature end of file Core imagery 11 months ago
#3831 conflict management too complicated and misleading Core 12 months ago
#360 Selecting, editing overlapping ways Core 13 months ago
#11806 JOSM unusable on Linux with HIDPI/Retina displays Core 15 months ago
#17048 High DPI on Windows 10 Core 15 months ago
#7483 Problem with updating plugins with existing /usr/share/josm/plugins Core 18 months ago
#8180 More preset enhancement ideas Core 19 months ago
#4608 improve command stack dialog (undo any edit) Core 19 months ago
#12591 list of errors collapse after click on "repair" Core validator 20 months ago
#6741 [Patch] Improve Advanced Object Info Core 20 months ago
#15894 How increase allocated memory when using JOSM webstart? Core Webstart 20 months ago
#7611 java webstart edition needs only java 1.5? Core Webstart 20 months ago
#8606 For JOSM webstart version the user agent is not set Core Webstart 20 months ago
#8888 IAE "Comparison method violates its general contract" in Java7 webstart Core Webstart 20 months ago
#2297 JOSM Webstart fails at loading plugins Core Webstart 20 months ago
#15918 Confusing English texts Core 20 months ago
#14591 preselection in searchmenu dont work on first click Core 21 months ago
#5335 conflict resolution cannot resolve multiple objects at once Core 21 months ago
#6450 Incorporate Taginfo into Validator (was: validator, unknown keys and values) Core validator 21 months ago
#6761 Unable to Select Incomplete Way - NullPointerException Core 21 months ago
#8384 Paste tags from text Core 21 months ago
#10327 merge selection not working as expected Core 23 months ago
#4088 Remove modified flag when merging downloaded data Core 2 years ago
#4155 Conflict dialog: JOSM still uploads data even though there's no need to after a conflict resolution Core 2 years ago
#7184 Integrate ImproveWayAccuracy to core? Core 2 years ago
#4635 Inform about wrong turn-relations when splitting ways Core 2 years ago
#4336 waypoint label handling sometimes does not work properly Core 2 years ago
#59 [patch] Dialog menu Core 2 years ago
#8627 JOSM never falls back to IPv4 if IPv6 stack available Core 2 years ago
#11734 Focus behaviour in search field Core 3 years ago
#17231 Server update Core 3 years ago
#4182 Proxy Authentication Core 3 years ago
#8847 [Patch] New power plant specification Internal preset 3 years ago
#4391 Upload + Conflict resolution: Option to conflict in spite of conflicts for one/all elements Core 3 years ago
#4604 Inconsistent JOSM state when resolving conflicts leads to internal error Core 3 years ago
#2557 Prefill bug report form instead of clipboard usage Core bugreport 3 years ago
#15382 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted node referenced after conflict Core 3 years ago
#8918 UtilsTest failed in Java7 due to character \u200B Zero width space Core 3 years ago
#8663 preset: object type "closedway" should not be included in type "way" Core 3 years ago
#7263 EDT violations during start screen operations sometimes prevent JOSM to start Core 3 years ago
#13797 Some missing tiles are blinking Core imagery 3 years ago
#5331 Memory leak when removing data layers Core 3 years ago
#5123 save last directory for each type of usage Core 3 years ago
#3951 [Patch needs rework] User should be warned when UnGlue-ing two ways outside the download area Core 3 years ago
#8701 created_by submits too much personal information (operating system details) Core 3 years ago
#16779 Fehlermeldung "Fehler bei Datei .....jpg" bei Bild-Anzeige in JOSM Core 3 years ago
#16729 No trunk branch for GitHub plugins Core 3 years ago
#16427 If imagery layer name is too long, the offset warning cannot be dismissed Core imagery 3 years ago
#16361 Shortcut warnings Core 3 years ago
#9265 geotagged images broken on Mac OSX Core image mapping 3 years ago
#8724 Highway preset missing in "properties panel" if it's a closed loop, but not tagged "area=yes" Internal preset 3 years ago
#16272 How enable automatic system proxy detection when using JOSM webstart? Core Webstart 3 years ago
#15151 Very slow and high CPU usage after restarting Core 3 years ago
#16211 JOSM required to update plugins to an incompatible version Core 4 years ago
#1645 [PATCH] Preferences dialog does not resize properly Core 4 years ago
#16009 Finish update JOSM to https Redirect port 80 to https? Core 4 years ago
#15944 Thank you for josm Core 4 years ago
#15954 move validator strings before imagery in Launchpad Core validator 4 years ago
#15933 Allow copying imagery URLs Core 4 years ago
#6888 [Patch] NPE in WMS tab of "Add Imagery URL" dialog Core imagery 4 years ago
#8444 NPE when no WMS url is entered in WMS add dialog Core imagery 4 years ago
#8812 WMS-Endpoint-Checkbox produces error when checked before loading Core imagery 4 years ago
#15852 Reprojection does not work for "Strava Running Heatmap" background image Core imagery 4 years ago
#15738 Impossible d'utiliser le greffon cadastre-fr Core 4 years ago
#15605 Length of way sometimes not displayed in status line Core 4 years ago
#7928 [patch - needs rework] Enable Overpass D/L / Add Overpass Filter Tab to DownloadDialog Core 4 years ago
#7079 Selection is changed after upload, but not shown correctly Core 4 years ago
#9721 alt+a adds tags to excess node after 'follow' operation Core 4 years ago
#13327 Overpass wizard box behavior Core 4 years ago
#13034 Dashed line from "Improve Way Accuracy" stays on map view when "Extrude" is selected Core 4 years ago
#7450 Warning against misaligned imagery Core 4 years ago
#4556 Error when opening compressed OSM file (could not read file) Core 4 years ago
#15261 Delete Presets/WifiHotspots Core 4 years ago
#6720 Calling download dialog misses map refresh Core 4 years ago
#14524 Loading saved session - Mapbox tiles won't load. Core imagery 4 years ago
#12562 USGS Topographic Map Tiles Slow or Fail to Load Core imagery 4 years ago
#11382 [Patch] Improve MapCSS speed by using BitSets Core mappaint 4 years ago
#15095 Split out or reorder imagery names in the JOSM translation file on Launchpad Core 4 years ago
#15013 Remember projection after restart Core 4 years ago
#14830 Langsam bei gößerer Kartenauswahl Core imagery 4 years ago
#4799 BBox values in the download dialog should be rounded to reasonable length Core 4 years ago
#1485 Add "operator" text box for post_box and telephone amenity dialogs Internal preset 4 years ago
#12022 GNOME AtkWrapper causing LOTS of UI issues/exceptions with OpenJDK8 on Debian/Ubuntu Core 5 years ago
#2731 Entered values in Einstein dialog are ignored Core 5 years ago
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