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#16427 If imagery layer name is too long, the offset warning cannot be dismissed Core imagery 4 weeks ago
#16361 Shortcut warnings Core 5 weeks ago
#9265 geotagged images broken on Mac OSX Core image mapping 8 weeks ago
#8724 Highway preset missing in "properties panel" if it's a closed loop, but not tagged "area=yes" Internal preset 8 weeks ago
#16272 How enable automatic system proxy detection when using JOSM webstart? Core Webstart 2 months ago
#15151 Very slow and high CPU usage after restarting Core 2 months ago
#16211 JOSM required to update plugins to an incompatible version Core 3 months ago
#1645 [PATCH] Preferences dialog does not resize properly Core 4 months ago
#16009 Finish update JOSM to https Redirect port 80 to https? Core 4 months ago
#15944 Thank you for josm Core 5 months ago
#15954 move validator strings before imagery in Launchpad Core validator 5 months ago
#15933 Allow copying imagery URLs Core 5 months ago
#6888 [Patch] NPE in WMS tab of "Add Imagery URL" dialog Core imagery 5 months ago
#8444 NPE when no WMS url is entered in WMS add dialog Core imagery 5 months ago
#8812 WMS-Endpoint-Checkbox produces error when checked before loading Core imagery 5 months ago
#15852 Reprojection does not work for "Strava Running Heatmap" background image Core imagery 6 months ago
#15738 Impossible d'utiliser le greffon cadastre-fr Core 7 months ago
#15605 Length of way sometimes not displayed in status line Core 8 months ago
#7928 [patch - needs rework] Enable Overpass D/L / Add Overpass Filter Tab to DownloadDialog Core 8 months ago
#7079 Selection is changed after upload, but not shown correctly Core 8 months ago
#9721 alt+a adds tags to excess node after 'follow' operation Core 9 months ago
#13327 Overpass wizard box behavior Core 9 months ago
#13034 Dashed line from "Improve Way Accuracy" stays on map view when "Extrude" is selected Core 9 months ago
#7450 Warning against misaligned imagery Core 9 months ago
#4556 Error when opening compressed OSM file (could not read file) Core 10 months ago
#15261 Delete Presets/WifiHotspots Core 10 months ago
#6720 Calling download dialog misses map refresh Core 11 months ago
#14524 Loading saved session - Mapbox tiles won't load. Core imagery 11 months ago
#12562 USGS Topographic Map Tiles Slow or Fail to Load Core imagery 11 months ago
#11382 [Patch] Improve MapCSS speed by using BitSets Core mappaint 11 months ago
#15095 Split out or reorder imagery names in the JOSM translation file on Launchpad Core 12 months ago
#7483 Problem with updating plugins with existing /usr/share/josm/plugins Core 12 months ago
#15013 Remember projection after restart Core 12 months ago
#14830 Langsam bei gößerer Kartenauswahl Core imagery 14 months ago
#4799 BBox values in the download dialog should be rounded to reasonable length Core 14 months ago
#1485 Add "operator" text box for post_box and telephone amenity dialogs Internal preset 15 months ago
#12022 GNOME AtkWrapper causing LOTS of UI issues/exceptions with OpenJDK8 on Debian/Ubuntu Core 15 months ago
#2731 Entered values in Einstein dialog are ignored Core 16 months ago
#4646 Slowness, no undoability and exception on cancellation for "fix untagged unconnected nodes" Core validator 17 months ago
#4594 confirmation dialogs block (was: broken <html> text) Core 17 months ago
#4370 Close open changesets shows stale information Core 17 months ago
#13470 IllegalArgumentException when activating Yahoo imagery Core imagery 17 months ago
#14361 Support for image/webp for WMTS satellite imagery? Core imagery 17 months ago
#14346 [PATCH] Rotation angle for Transverse Mercator projection Core imagery 17 months ago
#9210 Add missing google domains to blacklist Core imagery 18 months ago
#8999 add building=hospital,warehouse,retail Internal preset 18 months ago
#8341 Search does not work in improve-way-accuracy mode. Core 18 months ago
#8644 [Patch] Wrong preset for "Reitplatz" Internal preset 18 months ago
#14239 typo in documentation Core 18 months ago
#9869 Combine ways: different results + no conflict about different relation roles with id:0 Core 19 months ago
#2260 Make JOSM's audio functions more visible Core audio 20 months ago
#13722 layer should not get the "show" checkbox disabled based on visiblity slider state Core 21 months ago
#7663 Pasting in Windows gives "java.lang.IllegalStateException: cannot open system clipboard" Core 22 months ago
#6536 CrossingWays causes OutOfMemory (was: josm runs out of memory after clicking "upload", upload is impossible) Core validator 23 months ago
#675 NMEA uploads Core 23 months ago
#10566 Add shop=pastry Internal preset 2 years ago
#8404 crash when inserting password from clipboard into authentication dialog Core 2 years ago
#13370 Imagery providers update Solothurn Core imagery 2 years ago
#13400 [Patch] More debug info for pasting data Core 2 years ago
#4424 Problems rendering long ways at higher zoom levels Core 2 years ago
#4289 rendering goes crazy at high zoom levels Core 2 years ago
#13228 Severe validator problem. The "fix" will destroy the data. Core 2 years ago
#5983 do not render incline like oneway Internal mappaint style 2 years ago
#5278 Merge Progress bar and multi-select files Core 2 years ago
#6935 [Patch] Ability to auto-find based on key/value pairs Core 2 years ago
#2205 Keyboard handling of map chooser hardcoded (not in hotkey handler) Core shortcuts 2 years ago
#7161 Show distance of moved node in history window Core 2 years ago
#1 Import of background images from an image server Core 2 years ago
#12812 [regression] Imagery zooming in causes black tiles to appear briefly Core imagery 2 years ago
#12741 German Route Menu differs from ID Internal preset 2 years ago
#6301 Check for null mandatory in TableCellRenderer.getTableCellRendererComponent Core 2 years ago
#12341 very slow opening of preferences when network is down Core 2 years ago
#11687 [patch] Please implement {epsg} in WMS request template Core imagery 2 years ago
#10520 do not display message about callibration for high quality WMS Core imagery 2 years ago
#9910 Better resize/scale imagery layers Core imagery 2 years ago
#6629 GPX tracks color customization menu + color by timestamp Core 2 years ago
#2065 scale display corrupt for big scales Core 2 years ago
#7495 support custom projections (PROJ.4 parameter syntax) Core 3 years ago
#7635 [Patch] multipolygon areas are rendered, even when they have not been completely downloaded Core 3 years ago
#4477 Support WKT coordinate system descriptions Core 3 years ago
#6329 Splash screen should display loading of styles and presets Core 3 years ago
#7086 WMS basic authentication is using OSM account Core 3 years ago
#44 down/upload dialog box weirdness Core 3 years ago
#39 Align nodes in circle bugfix Core 3 years ago
#7640 [Patch] History query will not cancel or timeout Core 3 years ago
#455 new feature to load POI from CSV file or GPX file Core 3 years ago
#12221 TMS cache is reset every third time (WARNING: Region [TMS] Problem verifying disk. Message [null]) Core imagery 3 years ago
#12207 please don't show "X" in mapbox satellite on high zoom Core 3 years ago
#6481 Imagery default server list not stored (WAS: Background menu contents) Core imagery 3 years ago
#12053 Enhancement [PATCH] Add validation for mountain bike specific tags Core validator 3 years ago
#6345 shortcuts info not adjusted to language (Was: shortcuts info not adjusted to language if start option --language is used.) Core 3 years ago
#4872 Replace presets for relations with specialized relation editors Core 3 years ago
#6963 display warnings in a less intrusive way than popups Core 3 years ago
#9032 loading a saved session automatically Core 3 years ago
#4029 save editing session similar to other GIS app Core 3 years ago
#9733 right panel size diminishes on repeated use of tab Core 3 years ago
#7230 Visually improve the search dialog Core 3 years ago
#6355 Rework menus / place plugin tools in own menu Core 3 years ago
#10035 Footway overlapping building multipolygon not noticed Core validator 4 years ago
#7888 CTRL-Drag only work when node already moved Core 4 years ago
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