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Ticket Summary Type Status Priority Milestone Component Created
#11028 NPE on Shift+J defect closed normal Core 8 years ago
#11999 Shift+J on intersecting buildings fails defect closed normal Core 7 years ago
#12376 Multipolygon test hangs defect closed major 16.02 Core validator 7 years ago
#12381 AssertionError on "Resolve to their versions" defect closed normal 16.02 Core 7 years ago
#12718 Exception on connecting second monitor defect closed normal Core 6 years ago
#14823 DataIntegrityProblemException when purging (Ctrl+Shift+P) objects defect closed normal Plugin utilsplugin2 5 years ago
#16624 Ubuntu package repository stopped updating on 2018.08.05 defect closed normal Ubuntu package 4 years ago
#16737 Mapillary plugin fails to load defect closed normal Plugin mapillary 4 years ago
#16738 Wikipedia plugin fails to load defect closed normal Plugin wikipedia 4 years ago
#19139 [regression] Combine Way creates invalid way defect closed normal Core 2 years ago
#21972 Improve Way Accuracy: incorrect node removal defect new normal Core 6 months ago
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