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#23677 Move PrimitiveData serialization back from AbstractPrimitive new team defect blocker 24.05
#17172 [WIP PATCH] turn:lanes and lanes should match new team enhancement normal
#17189 mapcss should be able to use previous fields in the selector in additional fields new team defect normal
#17261 Conflation Error with LineString new Tyndare defect normal
#17271 Cannot add assertMatch/assertNoMatch declarations with set declarations new team defect normal
#17287 crossing=marked as a new preset and/or a validator test new team enhancement normal
#17340 JOSM should check relations for ways with no nodes (e.g., partially deleted ways) new team defect normal
#17388 [WIP PATCH] gpx_distance() is slow when there are many gpx points new team enhancement normal
#17528 [WIP PATCH] Detect issues at intersections new team enhancement normal
#18022 The `except` tag is not supported in Turn Restrictrions (GraphView) new tordanik enhancement normal
#18364 [WIP PATCH] Find routing islands new team enhancement normal
#18380 [RFC] Add implied tags to presets new team enhancement normal
#18383 [WIP PATCH RFC] Add class and methods to expand `access` tags new team enhancement normal
#19044 JavaFX calls unknown class assigned Don-vip defect normal
#19061 [WIP PATCH] Allow SelectionManager to work on non-OsmDataLayer layers new team enhancement normal
#19194 [PATCH] Account for virtual plugins when offering to download and install missing plugins new team enhancement normal
#19199 [PATCH] There should be some way to determine how many nodes are superflous in a way new GerdP enhancement normal
#19549 [RFC Patch] Don't store cached file information in preferences new team enhancement normal
#19591 [RFC] Add a datepicker interface to JOSM new team enhancement normal
#21139 [PATCH] BasicPreferences Test Isolation new team enhancement normal Longterm
#21432 [WIP PATCH] Tile images so that we can zoom in to full resolution assigned taylor.smock enhancement normal Longterm
#21951 [WIP PATCH] Show user problems with the relation they are currently editing new team defect normal
#22055 Drop down selection boxes no longer respond to arrow keys assigned taylor.smock defect normal
#22063 ElevationProfile tests fail on first run assigned taylor.smock defect normal
#22138 Parse and use the status element in OpenStreetMap GET /api/capabilities new team enhancement normal
#22266 [PATCH][RFC] Report exceptions on plugin load better new team defect normal
#22452 JOSM on Microsoft Store new team defect normal 22.10
#22631 IAE in EDT new team defect normal
#22887 Update snap for Ubuntu new team defect normal
#22941 Remove javax.json dependencies new team task normal 24.12
#23218 Update JDK versions in Java-EarlyAccess-JOSM new team defect normal
#23253 Check to see if we should add landuse=paddy to presets new team defect normal 24.10
#23290 Validate the regions a tag is expected to be in reopened team enhancement normal 24.05
#23299 Update to API v2 new jBeata defect normal
#23370 `URL` constructors are deprecated new team defect normal Longterm
#23564 Java 21 migration new team task normal Longterm
#23600 Replace `macos-14` with `macos-latest` in GitHub actions for building mac release files assigned taylor.smock defect normal 24.07
#23606 Investigate MSIX packaging for Windows new team enhancement normal
#16999 Allow .class on left side of parent/child selectors new team enhancement minor
#17129 Cannot add assertMatch/assertNoMatch declarations with :selected pseudoclass new team defect minor
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