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#14686 Allow adjusting the rectangle on Download Slippy Map new team enhancement normal
#14841 TAB doesn't work in Unsaved Changes dialog new team defect normal
#15831 Add keyboard shortcut for opacity slider new team enhancement normal
#15834 Three targets impossible to grab unless zoomed in new rebsc defect normal
#15836 Always a big gamble on what zoom levels and position the new image will end up being overlayed new rebsc defect normal
#15919 Add "snap 1 to 1a" method new rebsc enhancement normal
#15924 "Drag to Move the Picture" will move 1. 2. and 3 to nonsense positions new rebsc defect normal
#15974 The "drag to shear the picture" button is extremely overpowered new rebsc defect normal
#16000 Allow per-map setting of imagery.generic.*_expires new team enhancement normal
#15813 Momentary "No Tiles at this Zoom level" and then they fill in new team defect minor
#15973 Add Aspect Ratio Lock checkbox new rebsc enhancement minor
#14876 Change indication when we have clicked the second time, making a point new team enhancement trivial
#15080 Add a "Try again" button to "Network errors occurred" dialog new team enhancement trivial
#15837 Right click on layer lacks "Info" choice new rebsc enhancement trivial
#15983 Add all four image quality sliders new rebsc enhancement trivial
#17618 Add {x+1} etc. tile simple math capabilities for URL templates new team enhancement trivial
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