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#8264 can not delete public_transport relation team defect closed major
#8197 Turnrestrictions won't accept "moped" as exception team defect closed normal
#8265 unwanted move action team defect new normal
#8266 validator issues incorrect warning for "route" relation Gilbert54 defect closed normal
#8294 JOSM does ot recognize multilinestring relation team enhancement closed normal
#8295 JOSM crash during exit team defect closed normal
#9062 [patch] house number hidden when historic tag is added team enhancement closed normal 13.11
#9063 WMS cache is not managed team defect closed normal
#9089 sorting does not yield expected result for "street" relation team defect closed normal 13.12
#10991 Add relation type = route / route = foot to default preset team enhancement closed normal 16.02
#11170 JOSM refuses connection with Firefox on https. No problem when using http. Chrome and IE are doing fine with https and http. team defect closed normal
#13868 Unexpected exception after cancelling WMTS imagery selection wiktorn defect closed normal 16.10
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