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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#8308 JOSM should display a setup assistant / "getting started" wizard on first run new team enhancement normal
#12841 Support splitted roundabouts in roundabout validation test new team enhancement normal
#14965 Improve autofilters new team enhancement normal
#15085 Fetch overpass turbo queries from OSM preferences API new team enhancement normal
#15671 Preview the valid bounds of map projections new team enhancement normal
#15700 Presets links can take too much space in properties dialog and relation manager new team enhancement normal
#15708 AssertionError while replacing geometry (two closed ways) new team defect normal
#15970 Add equatorial stereographic projection new team enhancement normal
#16061 GeoBretagne orthophotos assigned Stereo task normal
#16082 Strange artifacts when warping imagery at South/North Pole new team defect normal
#16110 Plugin colorscheme is broken after rework of color preferences new team defect normal
#16258 GDPR related API changes new team enhancement major
#16658 Add highway=corridor, attraction=animal, man_made=water_tap new team enhancement normal
#16748 Map is briefly displayed without filters after load_and_zoom new team defect normal
#17118 Sort out axis=neu for EPSG:4326 reopened team defect normal
#17609 Detect invalid usage of ZWNJ/ZWJ characters new team enhancement normal
#17770 deprecate service=irrigation/transportation/water_power? new team enhancement normal
#17925 Support leap seconds assigned Don-vip enhancement normal
#20100 UI problems with route layers new team defect normal
#20619 Move to the LINZ Basemap service new team task normal
#21247 NPE: Cannot read field "width" because "this.componentInnards" is null new floscher defect normal
#21920 New Coverity warnings new team defect normal
#9528 Align nodes to rectangle - don't change when calling twice new team enhancement normal
#15182 Standalone JOSM validator new team enhancement major Longterm
#17842 Integration with OSM wiki data items new team enhancement major Longterm
#17858 OpenWebStart/Java 17 migration assigned Don-vip enhancement major Longterm
#21140 Include transitive dependencies in josm-sources.jar assigned Don-vip enhancement normal Longterm
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