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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#12597 Replace memberships of one object by another new enhancement normal Plugin utilsplugin2
#13118 [Patch] wms imagery should probe for WMS Version or allow to set it new defect normal Core imagery
#13121 Create/update Wikidata item using OSM data new enhancement normal Plugin wikipedia
#13965 Allow keyboard shortcuts for WIkipedia functions new enhancement normal Plugin wikipedia
#14051 Unhandled timeout exception in WikipediaApp.getWikidataForArticles new defect normal Plugin wikipedia
#14448 wikidata IDs fetch should show number of added and unchanged values in popup new enhancement normal Plugin wikipedia
#14853 Drop File->"Export to Gpx" new enhancement normal Core
#15314 Investigate why Wikidata "fetch IDs" doesn't work behind TR firewall new defect normal Plugin wikipedia
#15597 Wikidata Toolkit new enhancement normal Plugin wikipedia
#18893 [Patch] OpeningHourTest highlight erroneous part in string assigned enhancement normal Core validator
#19327 [Patch] Deprecate long JosmAction constructors, use setters instead assigned enhancement normal Core
#19398 Use consistent formatting of IDs in display messages assigned enhancement normal Core
#19773 AustriaAddressHelperAction: use ChangePropertyCommand broke areaselector assigned defect normal Plugin areaselector
#19901 Update of FlatLaf PLugin fails new defect normal Plugin flatlaf
#20141 [patch] ImageProvider: cache rendered SVG images using JCS assigned enhancement normal Core
#20879 History browser: which version changed a tag (git blame)? reopened enhancement normal Core
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