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#18164 Migrate OverpassTurboQueryWizard to Java or something else simon04 enhancement normal Core
#18961 [Patch] ColorHelper: harmonize color functions simon04 enhancement minor Core
#18893 [Patch] OpeningHourTest highlight erroneous part in string simon04 enhancement normal Core validator
#18133 [Patch] Undo edit to selected object(s) simon04 enhancement normal Core
#16567 [PATCH] Upgrade to JUnit 5 Don-vip enhancement major Unit tests

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#18138 [PATCH] Validator rules for connectivity relations Traaker_L enhancement normal Core validator

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#18889 Missing i18n from info logging strings? team defect minor Core
#18913 [Patch] Contradicting Changeset manager Captions team defect trivial Core
#18801 [PATCH RFC] Allow layers to determine autosave functionality team enhancement normal Core
#18462 [Patch RFC] JOSM doesn't use preferences.xml_backup team defect normal Core
#13173 [PATCH WIP] Mouse pointer target offset team defect normal Core
#18883 Remove i18n from InspectPrimitiveDialog#buildMapPaintText? team enhancement minor Core
#18830 Remove PreferencesUtils#readPrefsFromJS due to Nashorn removal team enhancement normal Core
#18831 Switch to ConditionalRestrictionParser team enhancement normal Core validator
#18092 Upgrade to Trac 1.4 stoecker task normal Trac
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