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#18855 Clicking twice required to delete attribute when using alt to select multipolygon new Windows ALT team normal
#21278 JOSM.exe runs upscaled new template_report jpackage windows hidpi scaling usablity team normal
#22101 Windows-ROOT not found new template_report windows ssl team normal
#23610 Can't get any imagery tiles from wmts provider in Windows 11 new wmts Lombardia windows ssl team normal
#23617 Locale setting is not reflected in font selection new template_report windows locale language detection team normal
#23618 "Restart JOSM" does not actually restart. new windows restart javabug team normal
#23619 Wrong OS Build number new windows OS Build number team normal
#22903 Warning with mmrtext.ttf, monbaiti.ttf and new template_report java17 windows team minor
#18921 Minimum height of dialog field to avoid endless flickering new template_report java8 windows classic laf team trivial
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