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#12726 Include command stack actions in saved sessions new session team enhancement major
#16497 relative path in .joz session file new session team enhancement normal
#17811 Session is discarded when updating shortcut new template_report session restart team defect normal
#18461 Unresolved conflicts: Warn before or deny some data layer actions new template_report unresolved conflict data layer session merge team enhancement normal
#20055 Ignore file for session new template_report ignore session team enhancement normal
#20923 Multiple images displayed from restored session file new template_report session team defect normal
#21233 Default imagery layer new session team enhancement normal
#21487 Save Session: Using a dot in file name does not add file extension new template_report save session file extension team defect normal
#21970 Only activate data layer loading a session new template_report session active layer imagery team enhancement normal
#21984 .zip file in session file isn't reopened new template_report session shp zip Don-vip defect normal
#22382 restore after crash is not restoring the session new restore session team enhancement normal
#22578 Position of zoom slider not correctly initialised after opening session file new template_report session zoom level team defect normal
#22587 mvt layer not stored in .joz file (java session) new session mvt layer team defect normal
#22976 GPX-Layer export into session file does not export display settings of the layer new session gpx team enhancement normal
#18797 Same layer name used multiple times new template_report data layer name session team defect trivial
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