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#7103 relation conflict dialog may lead to empty relations new conflict relation team defect critical
#4798 relation editor: highlight "doubled" members with different roles differently than "doubled" members with the same role new relation editor role team enhancement major
#8019 Sort relations by directional roles new sort route relation role team defect major
#16169 DataIntegrityProblemException: "Relation member must be part of the same dataset as relation" during road cut when editing a relation new template_report relation team defect major
#18947 IAE: Parameter 'member' must not be null - Bus route conflict resolution new template_report conflict relation team defect major
#20643 Relation editor: Disable full sort and sort everything below for relations with incomplete members. new template_report sort relation editor incomplete team enhancement major
#21221 Relation editor: Preset link: DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset while editing a relation new template_report data consistency relation editor tagging preset validate async regression team defect major
#21856 [PATCH] Split way: Wrong position of new member in PTv2 relation splitting a loop reopened template_report split way route relation order member loop team defect major
#4399 tree-view for relation-list new relation list navigation team enhancement normal
#5205 Support Undo in relation editor new undo relation manager team enhancement normal
#5686 Combining ways while having relation editor open causes invalid link new Relation editor, combine way team defect normal
#6920 sorting error relations of participants new sort, relation, route, relation-sorting, dual-way team defect normal
#7506 [Patch] Adding shortcut for relation editor and tag editor new relation editor, shortcuts team enhancement normal
#7681 not all relation gaps are detected new relation jump gap team defect normal
#8345 Coloured_Postcode: support associatedStreet and Street relation new colour postcode relation geozeisig enhancement normal
#10032 No changes recognized if uploading with an open relation editor and closing it later new relation editor upload change team defect normal
#10972 Additional third column marks for public transport relation member display new route relation public transport stop connectivity team enhancement normal
#11091 Smartly create boundary relations new boundary multipolygon relation team enhancement normal
#11198 Option "download relation members" do not download relations which this members belongs to new download incomplete relation members team defect normal
#11373 Sorting within stop/platform members of type=route relations new sort relation route public-transport-v2 team enhancement normal
#11599 Relation Editor should update after splitting a member reopened relation, editor, geometry, update, split team defect normal
#12629 Summarize changes in relation editor new relation changes team enhancement normal
#13478 IAE: Parameter 'member' must not be null when resolving relation conflict new template_report conflict relation member team defect normal
#13698 RelationEditor: "Zoom to" replaces selection without hint in text, it shoudn't new relation editor team enhancement normal
#14711 when sorting members of a route, look at oneway tag of ways or direction of roundabout new Relation Editor, relation-sorting, public-transport-v2, sort, route, roundabout team defect normal
#15209 PurgeCommand.topoSort fails when purging many relations new template_report purge relation sort team defect normal
#15371 Relation editor, deactivate/disable modifying actions when relation was changed in main editor new Relation Editor team enhancement normal
#15374 problem deleting multilevel relations reopened relation upload team defect normal
#15595 Improve conflict resolving dialog for relations new template_report, relation, multipolygon, conflict team enhancement normal
#15660 Relation editor: add "position/index of member" column new relation editor, table, position team enhancement normal
#15700 Presets links can take too much space in properties dialog and relation manager new preset link properties relation manager team enhancement normal
#16112 improve relation member handling / consistency map, tags window and relation editor new relation editor tags window team defect normal
#16411 [patch] Adds a new utils2plugin action, tool menu item and shortcut to copy features with parent relations new copy parent relation team enhancement normal
#16482 assign role platform to highway=bus_stop, highway=platform and railway=platform members new Relation editor platform role team enhancement normal
#17363 Changing selection outside relation editor selects all instances of a duplicated member inside editor new relation editor team defect normal
#17442 [Patch] Avoid to show conflict dialog with Replace Geometry new template_report replace geometry conflict parent relation team enhancement normal
#17489 Display Number of Relation Members in the Selection (Relation Editor) new relation editor team enhancement normal
#17891 Add support for junction:ref=* in relation editor new junction ref relation relation-sorting team enhancement normal
#17898 better protection of relation member order new split way relation order download team enhancement normal
#17899 relation editor: oneway direction with route=bicycle and oneway:bicycle new template_report relation editor oneway bicycle connectivity team defect normal
#18006 Handle all from-via-to relations in the same way as turn restrictions new from via to connectivity manoeuvre turnlanes relation team enhancement normal
#18018 split way: wrong position of new member in route relation in loops new template_report split route relation connectivity loop team defect normal
#18402 add search box/filter in the relation editor new relation team enhancement normal
#18463 changeset download: only download modified members of relations new template_report changeset content relation download team enhancement normal
#18515 no warning about adding new end node to a way with membership new template_report new end node relation warning team defect normal
#18592 Tags/Memberships toggle dialog: enable opening several relation editor dialog simultaneously new template_report Tags Memberships relation editor team enhancement normal
#18645 relation editor: Show continuity line with nodes in between ways for some types of relation new relation editor gap connectivity team enhancement normal
#18771 IAE: Parameter 'data' must not be null - clicking "OK" on the "Edit New Relation" box new template_report relation team defect normal
#19043 Sort relation's member: Better protection of incomplete relations. new template_report sort relation team defect normal
#19052 No user information if "disconnect node from way" modifies a relation new template_report disconnect node relation membership team defect normal
#19096 Warning about incorrect role "forward/backward" new template_report route relation role forward backward team enhancement normal
#19217 Split way: Wrong position of new member under special conditions of route relation new template_report split way route relation order team defect normal
#19267 Relation editor: No need to ask for confirmation canceling the creation of a cloned relation without any changes made new template_report relation editor clone cancel team enhancement normal
#19294 add a button to the relation editor to make it easier to create superroute relations new relation editor, copy relation, superroute team enhancement normal
#19300 Relation list panel: Add selection to relation should try to find correct position in relation order new template_report relation order add selection team enhancement normal
#19301 Paste relation: Try to find proper position in member list new template_report paste relation member order team enhancement normal
#19411 Request to support new roles in the relation editor's member sort routine. new relation route sorting hiking roles team enhancement normal
#19534 Find gaps in incomplete route relations with some members downloaded new template_report route relation gap team enhancement normal
#19634 Refactor / rewrite WayConnectionTypeCalculator? new relation editor connectivity team enhancement normal
#20044 Relation editor: Exceptions with preset links in presets new template_report relation editor preset link team defect normal
#20232 Relation editor: Make left toolbar user configurable new template_report relation editor toolbar team enhancement normal
#20410 Hidden Layer visible with focus in relation editor dialog new template_report hidden layer relation editor Biswesh defect normal
#20634 Geographically sort segments of completely downloaded relations with gaps new route sort relation-sorting gaps team enhancement normal
#20644 Relation editor: Sorting of route relation never stops under certain conditions (gaps). new template_report relation sort route team defect normal
#20786 Relation Editor: Display more (useful) information in window title new template_report relation editor header title name team enhancement normal
#20798 Use data layer for image correlation new image correlation team enhancement normal
#20837 Disconnect node from way: No notification about the possibility of breaking relations new template_report disconnect node parent relation team defect normal
#21001 Relation editor: Select previous/next gap: Ignore adjacent incomplete members new template_report relation editor select gap incomplete members team enhancement normal
#21081 Own presets for enforcement relations per type of enforcement new template_report enforcement relation role team enhancement normal
#21129 Warn about missing primary key for all known relations new template_report relation primary key team enhancement normal
#21153 Split Object: Overlapping areas created assigned Split Object overlapping ways relations GerdP defect normal
#21227 [WIP PATCH] Too many autocomplete suggestions for roles in relation editor new template_report role autocompletion filter relation editor team enhancement normal
#21332 Role verification: Always list parent relation in addition to members new template_report relation member role validation team enhancement normal
#21594 don't ask about relation membership handling when combining 2 ways which are part of the same multipolygon new relation, multipolygon, combine way team defect normal
#21616 RFC: If a relation has wikidata tag hinder deletion of relation new delete relation wikidata team enhancement normal
#21826 [WIP patch] Upcoming API 0.6 change: limit maximum number of relation members new api capabilities limit relation team enhancement normal
#21944 [Patch] Add 'replace member(s) with selected object(s)' button to relation editor new relation, editor, gui, replace team enhancement normal
#21971 Command stack for relation editor new template_report relation editor undo command stack team enhancement normal
#22299 [Patch] Allow selection of relations in relation membership table via middle click new relation, membership table, selection team enhancement normal
#22384 splitting ways in route relation when relation editor is open can be improved new relation,route,split team enhancement normal
#22665 Conflict resolver has my/theirs wrongly assigned new relation editor conflict version name team defect normal
#22813 Relation Editor: Sort members of type=waterway according to water flow direction. new type waterway sort relation member team enhancement normal
#22916 NPE at org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.dialogs.relation.GenericRelationEditor.updateOkPanel after uploading changes new template_report upload relation editor team defect normal
#22927 Super routes members are not sorted new template_report relation_editor superroute team defect normal
#23379 The edit-relation screen looses changes new relation editor textbox save team defect normal
#5124 relation merge new relation merge action team enhancement minor
#17651 Relation editor: enable keyboard-shortcut for "Zoom to selection" new relation team enhancement minor
#20731 Relation checker doesn't accept role "main" and demands "<empty>" for route=hiking new route role recreational relation team defect minor
#21451 Unhandled exception: deleted relation is still listed in other relations reopened template_report relation child Don-vip defect minor
#21966 [Patch] Allow cardinal directions as roles in road routes new road route relation role team enhancement minor
#22842 No Preset Icons new template_report icon relation site street team enhancement minor
#10004 Treat highway=* + area=yes similar to roundabouts in the relation editor. new relation editor connectivity team enhancement trivial
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