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#5466 purge doesn't delete the info about downloaded areas new purge hatch team defect normal
#5846 AssertionError when undoing PurgeCommand new purge undo command stack team defect normal
#11333 AssertionError: Node was removed when purging, but is still there on undo new template_report purge undo team defect normal
#15194 Purging new objects purges relations containing those objects new template_report purge team defect normal
#15209 PurgeCommand.topoSort fails when purging many relations new template_report purge relation sort team defect normal
#19331 AssertionError after download, purge, download, undo new template_report undo purge command stack team defect normal
#19654 Purge: Option to deselect dependent objects from list new template_report purge dependent object team enhancement normal
#5879 Force purge nodes with tags along way reopened power=line purge team enhancement normal
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