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#6870 Increase Readability of Available Presets new presets preferences usability team enhancement normal
#12055 toggling draw.rawgps.lines.force does not affect drawing immediately new preferences, drawing team defect normal
#13446 Preference cleanup new preferences team enhancement normal
#13967 Direct option to save/load toolbar items new toolbar preference team enhancement normal
#16110 Plugin colorscheme is broken after rework of color preferences new color preferences scheme team defect normal
#16869 Unify preferences API new hack-weekend-2018-10 preferences team enhancement normal
#19023 Tagging presets preferences: Several usability issues new template_report tagging preset preferences team enhancement normal
#19666 GPXSettingsPanel should leverage IPreferences new gpx preference refactoring team enhancement normal
#19756 Advanced preference for plugin and image paths new template_report preference plugin image path team enhancement normal
#19944 Preference Dialog: Add small delay before downloading additional data new template_report preference dialog team enhancement normal
#20071 Validator Preferences: Reset java tests to default settings missing new template_report preference reset java team enhancement normal
#20097 Enhance the preference dialog new preferences team enhancement normal
#20258 Window for editing imagery entry new preferences dialog team enhancement normal
#20573 [WIP Patch] Search preferences dialog assigned preferences search Bjoeni enhancement normal
#20672 Backup rotation scheme for preferences.xml new backup rotation preferences team enhancement normal
#20688 Tagging Presets Preferences: Own tab for preferences settings (check boxes) new template_report preferences tab tagging presets team enhancement normal
#20689 Validator Preferences: Own tab for settings new preferences validator team enhancement normal
#21208 Align text and center icons in lists in preference dialogs new template_report preferences center icon align text list team enhancement normal
#21493 Split up preferences file new preferences xml state config team enhancement normal
#22376 PC crashed and lost all my preferences new template_report preferences backup team defect normal
#23679 Update OSM Server preference page new preference OSM Server OAuth2 remote control team task normal
#7097 multi-line value editor in advanced preferences and copy-paste new preferences team enhancement minor
#21512 Preferences: Missing warning about restart when changing icon size new template_report advanced preference restart icon size team defect minor
#13765 [patch needs rework] adding a button to test the proxy settings new preferences, connection settings, proxy settings team enhancement trivial
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